Battery leakage and corrosion can damage this product.

It looks like summer break is right around halfway over, so we’re celebrating the midpoint by hosting one of Meredith’s friends for a week. Our pantry is stocked with macaroni and Cosmic Brownies, and our camper will arrive any minute now. It’s going to be a good week.

Headache Update: Today is Day 12, and I am not happy. I returned to the headache clinic office for a Toradol/Zofran/Magnesium/DHE IV at 1:40 this afternoon. To prepare for this 90 minute appointment, I loaded my iPad with This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, I wore an IV- and blood splatter-friendly shirt (I tend to spray when stuck), and my eyeshadow was glittery because life is short and Disco Forever. Although I was told I would (hopefully) walk out of the clinic without a headache? I walked out with a headache. I’m frustrated, but I know it won’t last forever. Because that’s a mighty long time.

The woman in front of us at the grocery store this morning spent $367 on groceries for her Independence Day party. She’ll be grilling and putting together an Asian noodle salad. There will be frosted brownies and strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Lots of soda. Vodka. Corn on cobs.

We went to Florida when I was seven years old, and it was an amazing trip. As we drove back home to St. Louis, I told myself that I needed to choose a word and remember it every day for the rest of my life in order to stir up memories of Florida. Right after I came up with that idea, I saw two people jogging on the side of the road. The word Joggers has popped into my head every day since. It always hits me at a random time, yet it always hits me. Nearly 14,000 occurrences of Joggers tripping my brain. I wonder if I should mention this to my migraine doc. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Battery leakage and corrosion can damage this product.”

  1. HOLY CRAP TWELVE DAYS. Okay, I’m going to pull out the major woo and do a remote heal for you. Here’s to waking up headache-free tomorrow, eh? So let it be written, etc.

  2. Yeah, WHAT??? Twelve effin’ days and you can still think straight enough to wrote about it, let alone with more than a shred of good humor, not to mention being willing to host an extra tweenager for an entire week??

    Woman, I doff my hat to you!

  3. Also, I hope that lady merely told you about it and was not actually buying the corn for her party today, because…old starchy corn :-(

    Straight up, I’d rather be at your house than hers any day!

  4. You need more glitter. That’s the key to getting rid of this migraine.

    If only it were that simple. I’m going to wish on a firework tonight for ease to your pain and suffering. This headache business is not cool. But those socks are.

  5. I love Ann Patchett. I hate headaches. My kids like macaroni and cosmic brownies, but I can do without both. I hope you are better soon.

  6. What struck me about this post was that: you can buy VODKA at the grocery store!!

    And your headache sucks! Sorry!

  7. My deepest sympathies about your headache. That’s a loooong time. My own best treatment was straight-up codeine. That and getting older.

  8. You may want to explore the glucosamine chondroitin and migraine help—weather related arthritis sensitivity is similar to the migraine one also– white plaques show up in brain scans of migraine suffererers and these may be responding as inflamed tissue similar to an arthritic knee….. best wishes,

  9. I am so sorry about the migraine. I suffer from them. I hope it goes away. You are so positive about everything.

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