I can see August from here.

A few weeks back, Jeff updated my WordPress to the latest version. (I’m hoping that’s the most boring sentence I write today.) As a result? I don’t even want to come over here to figure out the changes that have happened since 2009 (when I last updated my software).

Because I suppose it’s time to adapt (which will involve listening to something other than Ben Folds in my car and figuring out what needs to be considered in the category: New Phone Plan), here I sit. The next few days will be spent catching you up on my adventures. (Please know that you and I probably use the word Adventure differently. BUT, we probably put our pants on the same way (mostly), and I like to think that we both roll our eyes a bit when something like “Bindi Irwin Finds a Wakeboarding Boyfriend!” is a headline on the news.)


I will not be returning to the chiropractor. My doctor, whose building caught on fire earlier this month, wants to see me before I let anyone else put me on a vertigo table and call me names. After that happens (on August 12), I will hopefully be cleared to collaborate with Poppin John and Randm. (I’m going to call myself GrudgeHolda. Because that’s what I do. IT’S MY TRAGIC FLAW!)

Be sure to come back tomorrow! I’ll be on a horse, and his name is Luke! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

5 thoughts on “I can see August from here.”

  1. I just moved my own blog from TypePad to WordPress (on a related note, I am so over putting caps in the middle of a compound word). They are generally similar but I expect WP to be a more stable platform, mainly because I never hear anyone complaining about it.

  2. Oh man . . . I know a lot of people love their chiropractors, and I don’t doubt that they can be very helpful, but my inlaws’ guy has them doing things like sneaking alternative medicine into the hospital after open heart surgery (headdesk) and spending a lot of money on chemicals diluted to less than one part per billion, and I (as a person training in western medicine) cannot. handle. it. I do hope you find something/someone that helps you, and does not call you a disaster/turtlehead, because that is both rude and unhelpful.

  3. Turtle head? WHAT does that even mean? I can’t think of a single time when calling a patient names would be appropriate.

  4. As a cautionary tale, the last time I didn’t bother updating WordPress, my site was hacked, the associated address subsequently used to peddle all kinds of bullshit to unsuspecting people across the Earth, and I lost a couple years’ worth of posts. So, Jeff is saving you AND the Earth.

    My God, is there nothing he can’t do?

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