The band name comes from an Arthur Miller play.

I spent a good part of this morning sitting at the computer in anticipation of the presale for the Twenty One Pilots “Emotional Roadshow” tour. Meredith is one of their biggest fans, and I know everyone is a self-proclaimed biggest fan of something or other (Me? Bread pudding!), but I really do believe that Meredith IS one of their biggest fans. (She will be attending their show in St. Louis on Halloween night, and I’m so excited for her because it’s her first big concert (if you don’t count seeing Drake when she was three).)

I’m just going to sit here for a second while you think about the fact that she was a Drake fan back in 2006.

Okay. Now I’ll tell you that it wasn’t DRAKE Drake. She was a fan of Drake Bell. (He’s quite good. Lots of Jellyfish sounds on his albums.)

Anyway. When Meredith started swimming around with Twenty One Pilots, I sat back in the corner eating pumpkin seeds and thinking about how disappointed my Fitbit must feel. Sometimes it’s about me.

And then things changed. We were riding to tennis camp one morning, and Meredith played the following song.

I thought it was okay, and then she said, “Josh and Tyler wrote that song about a little girl from their church who has Down Syndrome. She inspires them.” I believe that was the day that found me purchasing 34 Twenty One Pilots shirts and flags and hats, because these guys are edgy NICE guys, and edgy nice guys are some of my favorite guys!

If you care, this is my favorite of theirs, despite the vocal fry. (I typically am not a fan of vocal fry, although I admit that it sometimes works.)

Anyway, tickets? Purchased. Seats? Good. The show is in August of 2016, and if I had a uterus I could have a baby between now and then. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “The band name comes from an Arthur Miller play.”

  1. Wait a minute….she’s going on Saturday and you’re buying tickets to another show already?? BIG FAN!

  2. I’m not sure what it says about me, but when you wrote that Meredith went to see Drake in concert, I immediately pictured Drake Bell.

  3. Bread pudding caught my attention. If you ever come to Fort Worth, I will take you for the best bread pudding ever!

  4. My niece texted me earlier this evening to ask if I would please check her Twitter feed for a link to a poll to vote for Josh.

    Mystified by the teenage girlness, but loving her nevertheless, I did as she asked. I am in uncharted territory here, as a second-hand participant in someone else’s fandom.

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