3 thoughts on ““We’re the miraculous ones,” Juan Diego whispered.”

  1. This counts as a post, Angela. It really does. Keep reading!

    Also. Grammy’s here too!!! (Waving cheerfully in a generally northward direction :-) ) I actually scrolled back the other day and looked to see if you had joined in again. Feels like an annual tea party (the good kind!) doesn’t it.

    Group hug, Friends of Fluid Pudding!!!

  2. Oooh, yes! Keep reading. Between the grandson every day after school, and a new puppy who we should have named Dyson because he finds and eats EveryThing so just ten days after his neutering surgery he had to spend a weekend in the hospital for eating the wrong stuff, and a thirty day regimen of pills for the dog that he tries to trick us into thinking he’s swallowed, and my son is coming to visit for Thanksgiving and his birthday (How old do I feel when my kid is fifty? Very.) and my husband’s birthday, which is the exact same day (and year) as Angie’s dad, and today The Kid is only in school half-day and will spend the night here and all day tomorrow…I get tired and would so love the time to read Avenue of Mysteries. I did see John Irving on Stephen Colbert the other night, so there’s that.

    Hi, Carroll! Yes, general greetings and good cheer to all who have the good sense to drop in on the Pudding family.

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