Toddler to Tree Transformation


If someone asked me to make a list of my favorite things to do, Knitting Hats for Babies would definitely make the cut. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Toddler to Tree Transformation”

  1. That hat is adorable. It should be mandatory baby holiday apparel.

    And, for the previous post – I believe you were meant to go to the razor blade aisle and meet your destiny there. Either that or stop to listen for the soft sounds of arteries slamming shut at the snack bar.

  2. Cuteness abounds!!!! I do hope the recipient’s growups will let you post a picture of the baby modeling!

  3. Mine too! In order to fit more yarn in my stash I emptied out my “finished projects” drawer and found a scarf, a cowl, several baby hats, and 2 tiny sweater vests. The baby in the family is going to be 6 shortly. All the babies my friends had are now going into middle and high school. Either I need to make some younger friends, or I need to age up my knitting, but older kids have opinions and preferences and their projects take more yarn.

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