Checking In

A few days back I noticed that my final pair of shortie white socks had a hole in them, so I jumped over to Amazon and ordered 12 socks which is also 6 pairs of socks. Imagine my surprise when the UPS man delivered 12 PAIRS of socks which is also 24 socks! I got all excited but then I wondered if someone was going to be in trouble for sending a double order of socks my way. Come to find out, I was never given the option of ordering 12 socks. I misread the product description because I’m old and my brain is no longer as sharp as it used to be! Such a great story, right? Not so much?

My week has been full of not so great stories. Jeff was in Tucson and the cats were very worked up about his absence so they took the opportunity to wake me hourly by attacking my feet. (Claws through two quilts can still draw blood!) Because my face is a disaster right now due to overconsumption of coffee (because it’s difficult to sleep when you are afraid you might wake up without feet), last night I drizzled olive oil over my head (thereby consecrating myself for religious service) before bed. Instead of waking up to mangled feet, I woke up to two cats licking my chin and ears. (Fun Fact: Olive oil in moderation can help with feline constipation!) My vet-grade claw trimmers will be arriving tomorrow. (I think I ordered one trimmer, and I think I’m safe because even a pair of scissors is one item and not two!) Face Update: Today I’m looking all dewy, which has everything to do with luster and nothing to do with a decimal system although I *did* go to the library today to pick up the CDs for The Nightingale so I can listen while in the car and read while at home.

Tempe posted this last week and it continues to haunt me.

(I purchased the song and I listen to it at least three times each day, mostly while looking up and to the right as if I’m contemplating something mysterious which is something I’m nearly always doing regardless of the background music.)

((I haven’t seen many people face-to-face this year. I need to fix that. In the meantime, I’m still doing yoga and practicing my lettering skills and bandaging my feet.))

(((I hope you’re the same, minus the bloody stems.))) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

3 thoughts on “Checking In”

  1. Oh, if only I had a nickle for every time I had misread the product description!

    Those “perfect” bowls on eBay that looked **exactly** like the ones I’ve owned and loved to use for ice cream for years, a few of which have broken and which I was thus thrilled to be able to replace…only to find that the ones which came are only big enough to hold like a thimbleful of nuts…exactly as described :-(

    Oh well, now I can have a “make-your-own sundae” buffet…for three people…with individual serving sizes of 6 different kinds of nuts.

    Sorry about the blood.

  2. Night attacks- I read that cats hate rosemary-though it won’t hurt them— would applying rosemary to your feet clad in those white socks help? Hope so, ouch!

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