1. Got up at 830ish.

2. Drank coffee.

3. Took dried pinto beans and threw them into the pressure cooker. 40 minutes later? PERFECT BEANS!

4. Ate beans.

5. Ate more beans. With apples.

6. Worked on freelance.

7. Folded laundry.

8. Drank coffee.

9. Beans!

10. Walked around the neighborhood with Jeff.

11. Sat down with a book. Fell asleep.

12. Went out for burritos and to the mall.

13. Remembered NaBloPoLenta.

14. Still ahead: Throw sheets and blankets into the dryer because I’m still trying to shake my crazy neck fungus! (I feel very pretty.) Print out my reading for church tomorrow! (It’s a long one, and because it’s a Psalm (27), I may try to sing it.)

15. If the cats attack at 2:00 and I do the whole “can’t get back to sleep” thing: Learn Hebrew. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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