Friday worked out.

Today I learned that there is nothing wrong with the occasional kolache. (Yesterday at this time I didn’t know what a kolache was. It’s so important to keep learning.) For lunch, I enjoyed an egg and cheese kolache and a spinach and mushroom kolache and now I want to try to make sweet potato pecan kolaches and blackberry apple¬†kolaches and blueberry peach¬†kolaches. (Every time I type the word kolache my computer burps up a red underline to tell me that I’m dreaming.)

I finished my Norrland hat and I’m super proud of it.

(Both colors of yarn have silver woven in, so the hat is super sparkly. There is a slight chance of snow on Sunday.)

Finally, I made another shirt because I can’t seem to stop making shirts.


My freelance project should be here in two weeks. Can you tell that I turn into a nervous ball of creative energy when I’m waiting for a project? It’s not pleasant, but it’s certainly productive. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Friday worked out.”

  1. Silver? Now I REALLY want to make that hat.
    I’ve never had savory kolaches, but I’ve made poppy seed ones and cherry ones. If my food elimination list improves, I’ll try expanding my repertoire.
    I have never before wanted a Cricut. Now I don’t know if I can go on living without one.
    This comment had many autocorrect challenges. My favorite: kolaches–> lol aches.

  2. “Isn’t it pretty to think so” is one of my favorite quotes! It was my Hemingway take-away from life as an English major.

    The hat is beautiful.


  3. Please oh please oh please come to Texas. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a kolache joint around here thanks to our huge Czech population. Also we have empanadas thanks to our huge Mexican population. I want to make a comment here about welcoming immigrants and refugees and their delicious regional cuisines but I’m just too tired.

  4. WOW, that is a gorgeous hat! I was intrigued about what it was going to be on your earlier sneak peek — it is perfect. And kolaches sound addictive. Need to figure out how to procure (or make?) in MA.

  5. Since you want to keep learning….. Kolaces have a fruit filling and Klobasniky have a savory filling.
    Kolaces (pronounced coal ach ey) are shaped like a square with the fruit uncovered in the middle.
    Klobasniky (pronounced klo ba sneaky) usually have sausage, some with cheese or egg, wrapped in yummy dough. (Basically a pig in a blanket).

    Most people call anything rolled in a bread dough and filled with breakfast yumminess a kolace. But now you know. The more you learn????

    Shout out to Kathy S.! I’m a Texan and 100% Czech!

  6. (Aw man. I tried to embed the little swooping star from the The More You Learn commercials, but it turned it into question marks. )

  7. I’ve been busy with someone else’s health problems, so haven’t been able to stop in every day. I see you’re getting along just fine without my supervision. I am so pleased to see that hat completed! It is truly a beauty, all the more because those of us who knit know what an achievement it is.

    Thank you for being a good mom and choosing your girls’ wishes over those of the rest of us who would be most happy to see their progress more often. Adolescence doesn’t last forever, but it’s really important that each person gets to live through it their own way. With an audience of strangers is not what most kids would choose.

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