Fragmented ideas are nothing to be embarrassed about.

As I drank my coffee and ate my Larabar this morning, I realized that I’m interested in buying a set of the breathing Fruit of the Loom boy shorts. (I’m pulling out all the stops over here. I’m also pulling out all of the underpant parts that are currently not breathing.) I tell you this information only because I want to know if you’ve tried them and like them (breathing underpants!), and also: Are we boycotting Fruit of the Loom? The Honduras thing was a really long time ago, right? (Question: Where is Google when you need it? Answer: It’s the third tab on the top of my screen, but I’m so tired.)

This is my new favorite shirt.

Stranger Things, Winona...

It arrived on Tuesday and the seam on the bottom ripped out on Wednesday. I don’t mind the ripped seam. (I purposefully ordered the green version so it looks like I’m bedecked for Christmas when December rolls around.)

(My other Christmas shirt:


I wore it to clean up pancake messes during a Breakfast with Santa event, which is something I hope to never do again. I can eat 4,392 pancakes without dripping syrup onto the floor. Apparently, not many people in my town share this ability. Sticky-faced dribbling monsters.)

You want more photos of stuff? Oh! Okay!

This is the book I’m reading right now:


It’s by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and I was told that she writes like me (or that I write like her) and if that’s true, my heart just grew three sizes because I am enjoying the heck out of this book.

Why I Want to be Friends with Amy Krouse Rosenthal:

1. One of the very first people mentioned in the book is Sei Shonagon. I am obsessed with Sei Shonagon because in my (tiny) mind, she was the original mish-mash writer, which is what I consider myself to be. Zuihitsu! (God bless you!)

2. Amy Krouse Rosenthal (AKR) shares a birthday with Meredith.

3. AKR has a birthmark shaped like Africa. SO DO I.

4. AKR makes me want to write more, because with this book she has taught me that it’s okay to not be able to write a short story. (Wait. I’m positive *she* can write a short story.)

One more thing.
Do you remember when I chased this receipt around a parking lot?


I wonder what ever happened to that guy. I hope everything turned out okay. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Fragmented ideas are nothing to be embarrassed about.”

  1. Between Jeff’s toe thumb and your birthmark Africa, I really want to spend time with The Puddings again soon. (P. S. If you decide to make guacamole in the near future, be careful. You poked your eye out while slicing an avocado in my dream last night. I tried not to stare at your new glass eye, but it was difficult not to.)

  2. I actually bought those underwear earlier this summer. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them but I find when it’s really hot out they are what I reach for. Hope you like them too.

  3. I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while now, but: you legit have *the* best commenters in all the land. I love the words they write to you.

  4. I’m pretty sure he’s ok. I refuse to believe that anyone would choose a Costco hot dog as their last meal.
    I picture a hot male “stubble model” who’s finally decided to settle down with a good woman and raise sweetcorn, kids and tomatoes in Herculaneum.
    Her engagement ring was on the end of her straw.

  5. I’ve lost many a pound in the last 2 years, but gained a few and got back into a loss cycle only a week ago.
    So, Larabars: one cherry bar is like a third of my daily nutrition intake! What the what?

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