For the Birds


A bird slammed into our front window this morning. He then landed wrong side up on the sidewalk, twitched for about ten minutes, and died. My heart broke, yet I soldiered on to a crowded mall for white chocolate peppermint tea and an embroidered jacket for Meredith and a visit with my mom and some bad guacamole. Most importantly, my flipping of the bird in the photo above is not me being all nasty (although I AM nasty). My flipping of the bird is my subtle tribute to this morning’s flipped bird. (This song is not about you. Clouds in your coffee. CLOUDS IN YOUR COFFEE!)

Emotion Check: Currently, I’m probably 68% happy and maybe 3% angry. (An ocean of emotion, me. Threadbare! Sentimental! Self-conscious! Curious! Hesitant! Contemplative! Also, slightly hungry, but smells nice! (I sprayed meditation oil in my hair. On purpose.))

I’m currently entertaining a warped notion that if I finish the shawl/scarf in the above photo before Tuesday, my preferred candidate will win the presidential election. If I don’t finish it? I don’t even want to know, Sporty. (Don’t worry about me. Not only do I have the proper medication for all of my quirks, I ALSO have eight ounces of white chocolate peppermint tea! And yoga! And Jesus. (Also, jeans that sculpt. Supposedly.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “For the Birds”

  1. What do I need to do to help you finish your knitting? Seriously. Should I fly out to clean your house or cook some meals or ferry your children? I’m game for whatever works.

  2. OMG, yes! Drop everything else and keep knitting!!!!

    We have that bird thing happen every so often too and it always hurts. But the other day, I saw one crash land — not just dazed as is sometimes the case — wing was all bent out of shape — I was sure it had no hope, but it hadn’t died! After agonizing indecision on my part, I finally went out to try to figure some way to put it out of its misery, but it was GONE! Thank you Entity of the Universe who helps hurt birds, because what could I possibly have done to help that one?

    Knit like the wind, Angela!!!

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