Please vote. For my cowl colors.

Do you remember when Tempe, my mom, and I went to Chicago and I fell in love with this cowl?


This evening I received a package from Sun Valley Fibers and it held the following two beautiful (Holy smokes, so beautiful. And so soft.) sets of yarn to make the cowl.


My question for you: Which set should I use for the cowl that will be cast on tomorrow as I watch election coverage? Lights? Darks?

Please vote. For president (if you’re able) and for my yarn (if you’re willing). God bless you, and God bless the United States of America (and Sun Valley Fibers).

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11 thoughts on “Please vote. For my cowl colors.”

  1. Per Karen’s comment above, because of the symbolism involved here, I WANT to vote for the light ones, but I sure do like the dark collection better. Plus, at the speed you knit, it will be done in no time, and darker fits winter better. Plus#2, there’s more blue than red in that palette and I’m thinking that’s omen enough to go with.

    But wait, wait — is this the equivalent of a polling phone call? Will my personal information show up on some data bank someplace?? Will I forever be haunted/labeled by this decision??? What if the one I’m voting for doesn’t “win”; will I be mocked, harrassed, or bullied for my convictions???? What kind of world will we be living in after tomorrow; a world in which we can freely voice strong opinions on matters of this sort, or one in which we will feel furtive and nervous?????

    Tune in on Wednesday, folks!

    Bravely, I shall cast my vote anyway & hope for the best.

  2. I chose the lights because I have a hard time envisioning the details in the original showing up in the darker yarns.
    While the jewel tones definitely appeal to me more, the pastels seem soft and cozy. Good luck making the decision!

  3. The jewel tones will look so pretty with my red winter coat. You are making it for me, aren’t you??

  4. They’re both gorgeous, but I had to go for light, as we head into a dark time of year (literally, not just metaphorically). On the other hand, I don’t think there is a wrong choice here, which is a pleasant thing really.

  5. They are both beautiful! I think the light ones will give you more options, but the dark ones will make more of a statement. That being said I like the dark,symbolism be damned.

  6. There is no wrong choice here. I voted for the light colours as in ” go towards the light” then regretted my choice as the dark colours are so luscious.

    Good luck for today. I am no one to cast a stone. Currently I am standing on the deck of the goossdshp Britannia heading for an iceburg. The band plays on.

    But, really good luck America. xx

  7. I just told Hub the other night that I have never cared for pastels – earth tones, yes – jewel tones, heck yes – but no pastels.

    After seeing your yarn, I might change my mind.

    They’re both beautiful.

  8. I vote for the dark colors because I just see you wearing them more often. The lights are pretty too, but somehow seem less “you” to me, based on my limited knowledge of you and the rest of your clothes! Beautiful either way!

  9. I just voted for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, and State Assembly. Plus 17 statewide ballot initiatives and two more for my county. And now you are asking me to vote again? Of course you are, because some people have no regard for those of us with voter fatigue. But I’m a good citizen, so I’ll cast my vote for yarn, too.

    Both sets are beautiful, and I’m really, really enamored of the dark jewel tones, but today I’m going with the lighter ones because they seem cheerier and, in my humble opinion, a little more “feminine”. If you get my drift.

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