Stranded describes the knitting and the sentiment.


My Leftovers Cowl is coming along nicely and I’m using jewels AND pastels because that’s what was intended. (I could tell you a long story about emotions and math, but you don’t have time for my nonsense.)

I’m still working through my sense and sensibility regarding the election. (Sometimes I just need to sit in my room and think and be wretched.) I’ve seen quite a few people who are grieving and I’ve seen even more people who are laughing at the grief. Dehumanization abounds and there is so much ugliness.

I think that’s why I knit. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Stranded describes the knitting and the sentiment.”

  1. I think I’m done with the stress eating. Trying to move beyond the obsessive reading of news articles and Facebook……knitting onward throughout!

  2. I am finding consolation in the fact that if the election had gone the other way, civil unrest of the worst element among us might be running amok as we speak. Small consolation, but some.


  3. Yesterday I bought yarn at a new-to-me shop and drank a decaf almond milk spicy mocha and ate a gluten-free vegan cranberry-orange muffin that I can’t stop thinking about. Today I knitted and watched Ellen and listened to black voices and Muslim voices and LGBT+ voices in my newsfeed. It’s a process. And that cowl is magnificent. (I didn’t vote on the cowl colors, but I would have voted for exactly what you’re doing. I SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR CHOICES.)

  4. I too am knitting through. I started a hat yesterday, just two colors, but it felt good to focus on making sure my floats weren’t too tight, instead of other things.

  5. I am voting for your cowl colors right now.

    ::scrolls up and inspects cowl::

    Red and green
    Pink and brown
    Blue and white

    Yes, those are the right colors. I respect your choices.

  6. Yesterday was better for me because my grandson was here all day. He’s seven and had voted for Clinton in the Scholastic Survey that his social studies class participated in, and was upset about the outcome of the real election. In fact, in all the second-grade classes at his school, Clinton won almost three-quarters of the votes. His teacher had to tell frightened children Wednesday morning (his school has a very nice diversity) that they will all be okay and safe because we are America. It just broke my heart that someone had to reassure a group of seven-year-olds that we won’t let bad things happen to them even though the new president says he will.

    All of my grandson’s great-grandparents on his father’s side were from Mexico. So he’s half Mexican. It’s always been a source of pride, as well as the fact that his best friend in the first grade was a little boy wearing the headgear that little Sikh boys wear, and this year one of his good friends is a little girl who’s mom wears hijab when she comes to pick her up and another good friend in his class looks very much like President Obama and there’s a little red-haired girl and several blonds and several more with very dark brown hair and brown eyes and one kid has a lot of adorable freckles. But this week these beautiful children who see only friends when they look around their classroom are worried about what will happen to them outside of that safe haven.

    So yesterday we played baseball in the back yard and ate lunch on the patio of our favorite Mexican restaurant and came home for ice cream and watched a Nova special about gemstones and then spent a couple of hours going through his rock and gem collection, looking for impurities in the stones with a jeweler’s loupe. It was a good day.

    Today he’s with his mom and dad and grandfather and I are doing less well. Trying to avoid news because none of it is good. The house is too quiet. Too many of our relatives are on the far side of the political spectrum, so getting together with family isn’t in the picture. We’re going to take the dog out for a long walk now, because he doesn’t have any doubt that everything is just fine and dandy.

    I’m delighted to see what you’re doing with the cowl. Really. You’ve brightened my day. Thanks for that. If it weren’t a holiday I’d go to the yarn store myself.

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