Five Things I Wanted to See Today, But Didn’t:

  • Baby monkey wearing a diaper and holding a tiny ear of corn.
  • Door-to-door henna artist who wanted to trade designs for roasted butternut squash and some words of encouragement.
  • Pecan pie (fully intact and warm and wrapped and not poisonous) on the hood of my car. I felt like I needed to add the “fully intact and warm and wrapped and not poisonous” since we were gifted a pecan pie against our garage back in 2009 and it looked exactly like this:

Evidence of pie

  • Light snow falling and sticking to my eyelashes as I stroll across a parking lot wearing clogs and handknit socks (and pants and a shirt, obviously. I’m not a gymnosophist!) before entering a restaurant where the only thing on the menu is an assortment of fruit and warm caramel for dipping. (I learned the word gymnosophist last week and have been waiting for a moment like this.)
  • Baby moose hanging out with its mother on the side of a mountain and Hey! Is that a waffle bar less than 100 feet away? Why, it is!

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4 thoughts on “Five Things I Wanted to See Today, But Didn’t:”

  1. If you lived in Tulsa (!) I would introduce you to my lovely friend Todd, who would totally come to your house and do henna in exchange for squash and sympathy. He’s FoxFire Henna on Facebook.

  2. Warm pecan pie. Yes, yes please! With ice cream.

    …I’d really like the back story on the monkey though..

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