I called out for gaiter aid.

I watched the presidential inauguration with a friend who was wearing a neck gaiter. When I complimented her gaiter, she showed me how it can be worn twelve ways. Miracle gaiter! I immediately shifted my focus away from the inauguration (not a difficult shift) and toward my phone where I logged in at Amazon and went gaiter shopping. This is the gaiter I purchased and I love it. Yes, I love my gaiter, yet I still haven’t worn it outside of the house.

On Monday as I sat in the pickup line at school, I studied my (still and always growing!) hair in the rear view mirror.

“Although I haven’t worn my gaiter outside of the house, I believe I need ANOTHER gaiter,” I said to myself, “to wear when the wind is blowing and I need to remind myself that I’m still alive.”  Because most of my clothes are black I decided to go with a black gaiter with white dots, AND I decided to immediately stop using the word Gaiter and start using the word Headband.

Later that evening, I put on my Delhi headband and went to Harper’s room.

Me: Harper, I know YOU would not wear this, but is it okay on me?
Harper: No.
Me: Why do you say no?
Harper: It’s fine if you don’t leave the house.
Meredith: It just looks like you’re trying to be young again.

The black and white headband arrived on Wednesday. I took it out of the envelope, put it on my head, and asked Instagram to give me a quick and honest Yes/No vote.

Everyone on Instagram (where Everyone = The People I Allow Into My Mostly Filtered World) voted Yes.

I am in good company.

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16 thoughts on “I called out for gaiter aid.”

  1. I love the neck thing. It’s cute on you. And, Meredith and Harper don’t realize that you ARE young.

    I wear things like that around the house because I’m always cold, but I’m old so I can wear them outdoors, too. People expect old ladies to bundle up. Now, if I could just use them in the summer to hide the neck I’m not really pleased with any more…

  2. It’s perfect! (The thing on your head) (headgaiter?) And SOLD on the neckgaiter for myself! I am constantly cold. (got the dark blue with asterisks)

  3. I wear my gaiter anytime the temp or windchill is below 40, on is tan the other is black. I am able to pull them up over my mouth and nose and I don’t have to breath that cold air, that is the only way that I can go outside in the winter.

  4. I think your “gaiter” ( I want to call it an Alice band) looks great on you & I would totally wear it outside, but then I guess I always wear clothes maybe hmm a little bit too hmmm young for me, but then I don’t have a cute 14 year old daughter to tell me so. I

    I’ve been thinking of sourcing one myself, I miss the ones I used to wear in India but mysteriously lost.

    P.s. I can’t tell you how much John McEnroe used to shock us stiff Brit’s back in the 80’s when he used to shout at the Empire. Sigh… simpler times.

  5. That is so cute on you! Especially so because I initially misread “gaiter” as “goiter” and expected you to be sporting a large protuberance from your neck. Double points for having a healthy level of iodine in your diet!

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