Stay tuned, because you know Harper Lee will make an appearance.

So, here it is. November 9th.

Have I been full on participating in NaNoWriMo? Of course not, because 4,000 words each day is impossible for someone as sleepy as me. BUT, I have been writing, and I’m now enrolled in a writing class and I haven’t loss focus, so: Success!

The best part of NaNoWriMo for me? I’ve been dressing like an author every day this month.

I was Dorothy Parker.


I was Salman Rushdie.


I was Marcel Proust.


Also, Vladimir Nabokov.


It’s like Halloween, but less scary. BUT no one gives me candy. BUT I’m also not going door to door asking for candy, or anything else for that matter. “Hello. I am Vladimir Nabokov and I would really like some roasted sweet potatoes.”

Right now I’m listening to (while in the car) and reading (while not in the car) a book that is helping me focus on what really matters.


I have a limited amount of ones to give before I have to nap on the couch for three days.

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2 thoughts on “Stay tuned, because you know Harper Lee will make an appearance.”

  1. quote of the week – “I’m 52 years old and I don’t have that many ***** left to give; so I’m not wasting one on you.”

    Dorothy Parker – I’m a fan.

  2. But we luff you!!!

    Very cool that the writing group thing is going well (at least so far) Having dropped out of more than my share of “group stuff” (including even a book club, and I mean, come ON!) I’m pretty impressed about that — especially since there must be other actual people involved, and those of us who have been paying attention around here over the years have a pretty clear notion as to how you feel about “people”.

    So yeah — go you!

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