Oh, Panda.

I started Panda planning on October 1. I REALLY want you to think that our family is adopting a panda. Alas, it’s just another bullet journal type of planning tool that is supposed to make me more productive while feeling thankful, focused, and affirmed.

With the Panda Planner (Oh, wait. This post isn’t endorsed. Do I need to say that? Honestly, no one wants me to endorse their stuff. (No lie: I once sent an e-mail to Birkenstock and told them I would have their logo tattooed onto my foot or backside if they would send me a lifetime supply of Birkenstocks. A lifetime supply of Birkenstocks is only, like, three pairs. It has been many years, and I’m still waiting for their response.)), you set monthly, weekly, and daily goals. You evaluate every day to talk about wins and potential improvements.

The worst part about the Panda Planner is that it believes I want to exercise. Every single day it asks me what sort of exercise I’m planning to do, and every single day my eyes roll into the back of my head and I pretend to not understand what Panda Planner is getting at. Panda Planner is making the assumption that I have legs and energy. Panda Planner doesn’t know me. (Disclaimer: I do have legs and energy, but still.)



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5 thoughts on “Oh, Panda.”

  1. I downloaded the 7 minute workout to our Alexa. On Monday I looked at Michael and said “Are you ready?!” He said “Ready for what?” and then I was all cheerleader like and said “7 Minute Workout!!!!” I was way more excited then he was, but he was the one to bring it up first on the second night. So…we’ll see.

    I kind of want a Panda.

  2. My husband started the Panda Planner on Oct 1 too. I don’t know what he puts in the exercise box, but he’s currently running 100miles in the woods, so I don’t think its restraint ;-)

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