Oh, Sunday.


This evening was spent eating portobello tacos and street corn with a friend who loves words as much as I do. I then drove home, read a few chapters of The Miniaturist, and worked on the gusset of a sock. This week is our fall break and what a lovely way to get it started.

And then there’s this song. I love it just as much as my kids do NOT love it. (There will undoubtedly come a day when I no longer love it, but that day is not today.)

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2 thoughts on “Oh, Sunday.”

  1. Portobello tacos and street corn! You went to that place you just went to after the reading, right? They sound SO GOOD !!!

    (And this is really weird writing comments in reverse order — like some sort of “Ahead to the Past” instead of “Back to the Future” time warp!)

    I have to quit for now, but I WILL be back! Not stopping until my self-appointed job here is fully done!

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