He smells like Fritos.

Tonight was the final marching band competition of the season. Our band received the highest score of the night along with best music, best percussion, and best visual. I love every single thing about marching band, so I’m totally high right now on their final night wins. Hard work, dedication, and so forth.

This is how I’ll be spending the remainder of the evening.


One thought on “He smells like Fritos.”

  1. Oh my gosh — he is just the *perfect* cuddle dog! Also, that chair or chaise, or (?) sofa extension has its priorities right! First, a resting place for books and stuff, *then* (and only then) a place for more people. Clearly your happy place :-)

    Happy congratulations to the hard-working band kids, their fearless leader(s), and all of their supportive parents, friends, and community. Laurels well-earned on which I hope everyone is resting very well today!

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