There is always a Halloween.

This was the first photo I put up on Flickr.


It was Halloween and Harper was six months old.
Meredith was two and a half.


Suddenly, a year went by and Harper was 18 months old and Meredith was three and a half.

Reluctant Duck

Meredith will be the happiest Stephanie from Lazy Town for Halloween.

And everything kept happening and happening.

Murray Wiggle and Dorothy prepare for candy begging.

First we bend down really low, and then we fly away!

Ready to Roll!

Scary Selena Gomez and Rose Princess

Boo at the Zoo with Hermione and Evil Angel!


At some point they started doing their own things on Halloween, and now they’re thirteen and fifteen and Harper is hanging out here to hand out candy and Meredith is out watching a scary movie with friends and our noses and ears continue to grow.