It’s Sunday, and being nice is easy.


I set the goal of going the entire week without mentioning The Virus, but all I really had to go with was, “Hey guys I’ve decided to grow my hair out and I guess so have you. Words can’t bring us down.”

This morning I saw my (probably in her late 70s or maybe 80s) neighbor backing out of her driveway. Last week I told her to yell if she needs anything, but I guess she didn’t want to bother us. She lives by herself and I don’t want her to die, so tonight I’ll probably go over and break both of her legs. I’ll sleep better at night knowing she can’t leave her house. Who knew it would come down to this?


Henry can’t remember the last time he was crated during the day, and he believes we are staying home just to hang out with him. (He’s not entirely wrong.)

Complaints (withdrawn): I just typed out three complaints, and then I deleted each one because I’m tired of absurd complaints, so why should I add to the stack? I hereby donate all of my complaints to people who deserve them—healthcare workers, people who are sick and/or dying, people who have lost friends or family members, folks who might be hungry or struggling to pay bills, leaders who are simply trying to score more ventilators for their state but are being outbid because the system is screwed up…

It’s National Letter Writing Month. Grab a pen.

3 thoughts on “It’s Sunday, and being nice is easy.”

  1. I totally understand the vibe. For the last three weeks I have been trying to do some sort of random act of kindness; whether it was sending neat stickers to my friends, sending arts and craft projects to a mama with kids at home, or just sending a card just because. They aren’t huge things but they for a moment stopped me from navel gazing and forced me to think of someone else. It’s actually helped :-) Sending you and yours healthy wishes.

  2. A good friend is writing three letters a day. She has always preferred the analog world to the digital one. I got a letter from her yesterday. My blog has been coronavirus every day since March 9, when I posted that viral FB post from the surgeon in Bergamo, Italy. At first there was information gleaned from more-or-less authoritative sources with a little corona humor; it has since evolved into mostly humor. Enough people have commented thanking me for the jokes and IG screen shots that I now feel the responsibility to keep doing it. Humor will get us through times of no [fill in the blank] better than [ditto] will get us through times of no humor. Or something.

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