Where It’s At

Two weeks from right about now, I will look exactly like this:


On the morning of the 26th, I’ll be having oral surgery, if you know what I’m saying.*

Also, I quit my job. #2021CRAZYsexycool (It’s okay. More freelance will surely come along, and after the 26th I’m going to be looking for something that takes me out of the house. Locals with suggestions? Feel free to shoot them my way.)

Let’s see… I ate bread pudding in the dark last night. (Bread Pudding? Always soft, and always available at the 24-hour drive-thru bakery.) That’s about it.

*I’m saying I’ll be having oral surgery. They’ll be robbing skin from Peter (the right side of my mouth) to pay Paul (the left side of my mouth) and that’s all I want to say because Dear Lord. I’ll have stitches, so it’s going to be a soft food diet for three weeks. Vodka is soft. Also, doughnuts.

7 thoughts on “Where It’s At”

  1. Good luck. Crazy strange thing that I really enjoyed when on soft food was warm vegetable broth. And strawberry shakes because who doesn’t love those?

  2. The soft food challenge, in my opinion, comes down to finding suitable savory items – there are plenty of sweet options. My suggestions: eggs, mashed potatoes, and Stove Top stuffing.

    Also, I feel like I’ve seen jobs listed recently for Left Bank Books, and maybe the Zoo?

  3. I had jaw surgery once and thought I’d get so skinny on a soft food diet. Nope- mashed potatoes, soup and ice cream!

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