Okay. I promise I’m not becoming one of Those Moms.

Last night Harper asked why Meredith’s video is on the computer but hers isn’t.

Me: Because you’re simply not cute enough.

Harper: But I’ve got that whole doe-eyed thing going on! I’m like the love child of freaking Bambi and Boo!

Me: Okay. Uncle.

So, anyway. Oh! And don’t say anything about the wires. I already know what you’re thinking, and I agree.

You Have Never Seen Me (the Angels We Have Heard on High remix) from Angela D. on Vimeo. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

17 thoughts on “Okay. I promise I’m not becoming one of Those Moms.”

  1. In almost every video of my nephew the last 3 seconds are him asking to see it. “Just one show?”, so it cracked me up when the end of her song was…now the computer?

  2. What in heck is she talking about? Those aren’t the lyrics at all.

    I suppose you might find this cute, if you’re into that sort of thing. And damn it, I am.

  3. i had heart palpitations yesterday at “eat your medicine,” with a shot of “OH-EM-GEE” shouted toward the end, but today…well, you done did me in. i, too, am D-E-D dead, and you’ve done lost yourself a reader because of said cuteness. these kids are utterly adorable. and i have no reason to suck up or anything! the kids, they are just cute! face it!

  4. You were never actually pregnant, were you? Those are just clones from your secret basement lab. Jeff is just a cover up isn’t he?

  5. Thanks. Now I’m humming the song with You have never seen me in the lyrics.

    Both girls are very adorable and total camera hams. Mine runs screaming from the camera…all I get is footage of her fleeing back and a wailing, “NOOoooooo!”

    The wires. Shhh, I have the same wiry decor all around my computer area. Wires/cables are totally in this season (and every season).

  6. Thank you for finally! supplying the parentage of your dear one. Boo! She looks like Boo, just a year or two older.

    Totally adorable and ovary wrenching.

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