I’m also wearing my witty underpants.

In less than an hour I will be jumping into the old Nissan and driving thirty miles south to have dinner and drinks with some friends I haven’t seen in over twenty years.

Dear Facebook,
You are crazy.
Love, Angela Pudding

I always accept these invitations with a fist to the sky and a big bucket of “Hell, Yeah!”

THEN, as time goes by, I begin to waver and my brain kicks into Sniffling Excuse Mode.

“Hmm. My eye sure has been twitching lately. Perhaps this whole dinner/drink thing isn’t the best idea!”

“Wait. Was that a cramp? Is it a good idea to drink a margarita while ovulating? I better put my robe back on! Pass the lentil soup.”

And so on.

Thirty minutes ago I stepped out of my mind and into my cocksure shoes.
Confidence Shoes

I know. Your cocksure shoes probably have a spikier heel. Please remember that my Stumble and Fall Incident List is a bit longer than yours.

Wish me luck and salty guacamole. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

32 thoughts on “I’m also wearing my witty underpants.”

  1. Good luck & have fun! (& if it isn’t fun, drink until it is. Then call your parents to pick you up for old times sake.)

  2. Please post what kind of shoes those are. I’ve been in a Dansko faze for years now but those look a bit less “it’s time to take your temp now”

    good luck and even if it’s a bad time you still get to go out for dinner!

  3. Have a terrific time! Good for you meeting up with old friends. It’s always good to network.

  4. Honey, I did the SAME THING on Monday!!! It was…interesting. But fun! In a way! Kinda! Geedee Facebook, it’s aaaaaall coming baaaack to me nooooooow!

  5. The Midoris are my very favorite shoes of all time! Since I bought my first pair about a year ago, I have worn them literally every day (sometimes I have on another shoe or boot for some hours, but seriously, always put the Midoris back on). I wear them sockless in summer and with wool socks in winter. They are dreamy. And they don’t make you hurt yourself when you drink too much because you’re nervous.

  6. Let there be cheese!

    (Testing to try and figure out why in the heck, when my name is spelled perfectly clearly in the place right here on the comment form, it somehow turned into “Carron” on the last set of comments. Weird!)

  7. have a great time!! I reconnected with several people through myspace and facebook. Of course now when I go back home to visit I always end up hanging out with my ex and his wife … a little weird, sure, but awesome too!

  8. I have the same angst with Facebook. When my past pokes me, I think, do I REALLY want to go there? It’s usually worth it.

    Killer shoes.

  9. Chiming in to say I, too, love the shoes!

    Umm, meeting up with Facebook people from 20 years ago…I’ll pass.

    The shoes, though. Love the shoes. Can I arrange dinner and drinks with your shoes?

  10. I hope you had fun and didn’t fall down!

    p.s. fierce shoes, but I have to stop wanting them. The comfortable shoe store lady told me that my feet are even more Flintstone-y than I thought.

  11. actually that is exactly what my cocksure shoes look like only in brown. Sadly my sister forgot about my long list of tumbles when she picked out her bridesmaids shoes which look a lot more like ankle breakers with floss on them.


  12. My husband got a call from his high school best friend (almost exactly 30 years ago) this afternoon! Sadly, no guacamole involved, and no face to face meetings either. He’s in Texas. They have each recently deserted normal, salaried, benefits-offering jobs for lives on the stage. And they have each fathered a toddler in their dotage.

    My most unlikely Facebook re-connection – my best friend from church camp. Which would be almost 35 years ago. She is weirdly unchanged from preadolesence. I would need my smartypants to drink with her.

  13. Yay Facebook! I’ve all but given up on blogging since I got serious about Facebook a couple months ago. I have reunited with so many of my long lost friends– 300 of them!– and have enjoyed 5 real time reunions so far. I <3 Facebook! :D

  14. Let me say that I, too, embrace any and all invitations with undue gusto!

    But about a day before, I feel the unyielding pull towards my Fat Pants and make up and unfortunate excuse.

  15. Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, right? I know what you mean though. I actually did a shot of vodka before getting in the car (I know, safe, right!) to come and see ya’ll. I called all my girlfriends, including my daughters wanting one of them to say it was crazy and I should stay home where I belong! It really was so great to see you! I’m so weirded out by the fact that we are our mothers’ ages! And even more weirded out by Linda’s hotel rooms, and your …was it Jim Beam nights??! hahahahha You still make me laugh!

  16. Was it much more fabulous than you were dreading? It almost always is. I throw dinner parties and invite everyone and their housecat, usually while I am totally loaded, and then the Dread kicks in, and I clean and fuss and stress, and it’s as though I’m expecting them all to be screaming into their cell phones about their season opera tickets while rolling their eyes at the foie gras…and then they show up and I’m SO RELIEVED, because I love these people. It’s like, oh yeah, these are my FRIENDS.

  17. Ok, were you the “party animal” in high school?
    I was. So when people invite me to go out for a drink what the really mean is: I am having a mid life crisis, I need you to get me drunk, help me make questionable decisions so I can remember what it was like before I had a mortgage.
    Seriously. My friends would weep if I showed up in those shoes with out a cast on one of the feet. Its a lot of pressure!

  18. Those are the coolest cocksure shoes I’ve ever seen.

    I need some of those. I was in the yarn store last December during one of those late-hours xmas festive weekends with my Dad and I saw you and hadn’t known you worked there and whispered to him how weird it was that I know your bra size and all kinds of other things and yet was way too shy to actually say hi to you because I know how weird it is to have people come up and know things about you from a blog and know nothing about them and … you know. So, you had a groupie in the store a couple months ago. Just sayin’.

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