Ooh la la! Delphine!

I think you all know me pretty well by now. So, you know that I sort of wish I was a dainty French girl, right? I love Amélie, I eat at least one biscotti per week, one of my favorite meals is champagne and French toast (I just made that up, although I did have it once and really enjoyed it), and I’m very happy to report that Gérard Depardieu is still alive. (Gérard Depardieu, Eddie Rabbitt, Kenny Loggins, Louie Anderson. All of these people are dead to me for some reason. In fact, I couldn’t point out the actual dead ones if I tried.)

Anyway, I’m going to approach knitting a bit differently in 2009. In an attempt to stomp out my capricious knitterly ways, I’m making myself finish something before I can start something else. A few days back, I purchased French Girl Knits, and holy crap how I fell in love with Delphine. In fact, I fell So Hard for Delphine that I stayed up late on Monday night to finish my Versatility—a project that has been going on and on (and on) for nearly three months. Here I am, smelling like French Vogue in my Versatility:
Spaghetti and Meatballs

Here I am, showing you how much I look like a Wii character in my Versatility:
My Brain is on the Outside of My Head

Meredith has told me that I’m not allowed to wear my Versatility to school. Apparently, she hates bobbles and cannot appreciate the fact that I am sometimes Juliette Binoche.

Tonight I shall choose my yarn for Delphine. It’s a stinking CORSET, people. And because it’s a corset, I have once again kicked off the Weight Watchers Core Plan. (I’m down three pounds in three days, and I’m the crabbiest girl this side of the Mississippi. I’m snacking on apples, and that is NOT how I like to live.)

It’s all for you, my sweet Delphine. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

21 thoughts on “Ooh la la! Delphine!”

  1. I love your knitting pics! I’m never this inventive with mine. More just “here’s this thing i made”.

    Also: good luck with that finish-something-first plan. I wonder what that’s like. I should give that a g… ooo. look, something new to knit!

  2. That is the most gorgeous color!

    (Eddie Rabbitt died of lung cancer. For some reason, I felt the urge to look him up last week.)

  3. Versatility looks gorgeous – you picked a lovely color. I am excited to see how Delphine looks. And you are totally Juliette Binoche.

  4. Lace! Cables! Bobbles! And may I just say that your bobbles are absolutely perfect. My bobbles sometimes come out a bit wobbly and misshapen.

    You are the awesomest of all the awesome knitters!

  5. That’s beautiful! Although to me you look more like something out of Katamari than Wii.. ;) Awesome! Can’t wait for Delphine photos

  6. Core, you say? Try ‘Clean Eating’ magazine — great use of core ingredients in good-tasting recipes. Go figure…heh heh heh.

    I have to quit Brickbreaker-ing on my Blackberry and start knitting again. I’d like to have something as lovely as Versatility to show for my time, something unlike the hardening skin where my thumb rolls the Blackberry ball. That being said, I hold the 33,583 ranking in the world for my Brickbraker score. Suck on that, beeetches!

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