For my next trick, I shall assemble a car.

Remember last month when you inspired me to reach into my closet and pull out my sewing machine?

Well, take a look at what happened earlier this week.


I made a dress.


And Harper sort of likes it.


And when she bends over, it doesn’t rip, which means I can change the world, Eric Clapton.

(By the way, Jeff came up with Spool Samples as my sewing tag. That’s why I married him, you know.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “For my next trick, I shall assemble a car.”

  1. That can’t be Harper! I’m sorry, it’s simply not possible. Harper is your baby. You must be confused, FP. She’s much too grown-up to be Harper!!

    And yes, great dress! Give that girl a feather boa, and she’ll be ready for Broadway :-)

  2. oohlala, Miss Set-in-sleeeves! Looks great. If the girls turn around, will we see a zipper? Fantastic work!

  3. You are so talented. And Harper is so cute in the dress… the dress is adorable. I love the material and the pattern. Now I have to work on my sewing skills. I’m still a tad intimidated. That’s why I’m using gardening as my excuse until this fall.

  4. Spool samples. Very nice. Dress is pretty cute too, but not as cute as that kid. Kudos to you for persevering with the sewing machine, I knew it would be worth it once you’d danced around a bit dressed in feathers & beads, and daubed with goat entrails, slaying that demon.

  5. I told you that you could do it!! Congrats! The dress looks great and so does the model.

    What’s next?

  6. Woot! Go, you! It looks fabulous. Now I wish I would have sewn (sewed? sighed?) for my girl when she was still young enough to not think everything I do is stupid.

  7. OMG that dress is freakin awesome an Harper could be a model! Also, welcome back – I got tired of reading about fluid replacement, etc.

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