Rehearsing for the Summer

We both loved the fountain.
I always feel a bit of anxiety as the school year comes to a close. Meredith and Harper are already asking about play dates and what are we going to do this summer and can we have sleepovers and if Sidney dies can we get a dog? (Sidney is our “elderly” cat. She’s 100% healthy, and is quite insulted by the girls’ prayers for her demise.)

Today I took Harper to the Missouri Botanical Garden and over the weekend the girls and I went on a snow cone adventure.

Baby steps.

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26 thoughts on “Rehearsing for the Summer”

  1. I agree. The picture is great and Harper’s curls are dreamy.

    Pharmboy goes to triathalon camp for the summer. We’re totally flummoxed at the athlete genes but figure we’re children of a benevolent God.

  2. Here in parts of the UK we are on half term holiday, with another few weeks of school before summer starts in July.

    Any ideas I have had about my balmy perfect summer have been smashed to dust already, after only four days of half term.

  3. Nice photography on the mid-air water!!! Is that with the new little point and shoot? Pretty good!

    We have about a month until school’s out. Mixed feelings of delight (at a lighter schedule) and dread (of a lighter schedule). It’s no win.

  4. Holy cow, Angela, that is a beautiful picture! I feel the same way about summer and anxiously overbook my poor kid in camps. Trying to be more laid back and have more down time this year. We’ll see. I just like to see a full calendar.

  5. That photo is awesome, nice work with the new camera FP! LOVE the gardens, one of my most favorite places to go…

  6. My mother’s family is from St. Louis and I have fond memories of going to “Shaw’s Garden” – I especially remember the tropical building. When my uncle was a teenager, he and his buddies took me one time – just me and them -I thought I was SO COOL to be hanging out with them.
    Did you know that Shaw also had a house in Jamaica, which is also surrounded by Botanical Gardens? I had never known that, and we went on a tour while in Jamaica and simply stumbled upon it. Very cool.

  7. I’m from STL too, and love the Botanical Gardens! Too bad I can’t see the picture here at work. Damn work filters.

    If I had to figure out how to entertain my two sons all summer, I’d lay down and die.

    Best of luck with keeping them happy, and keeping yourself sane!!

  8. The only plans that I’ve made for summer is where and when for vacation, and that is only for one week.

    For the most part, I just like to plan day by day or weekly during the summer. I have fond memories of being a kid in the summertime and playing all day in the yard…. making forts, filling our small swimming pool, or just laying on a blanket in the shade.

    Life seemed to be so much easier back then. :) That will be my goal for this summer as well! Less is more in my book.

    The pic is divine!

  9. See, this is EXACTLY why I could never move out of Denver while Lauren’s still too young to hang out by herself all summer. Because all those playdates and stuff are GRANDMA activities. I just print out lists of ideas and she implements.

    I am so lucky.

  10. We are not going on a vacation this year, so I got us season passes to Six Flags. That and Monday nights at my mom’s are what we are doing. My daughter also wants to tie-dye shirts.

    Great picture by the way.

  11. That photo needs to be made into a poster!
    I accepted a part-time job that was suppose to begin when Erin started school. However, some kind of emergency came up and I was asked to start in July. I was upfront about my dilemma and I signed her up for every VBS within 5 miles (Bible Belt). She had a blast and was well cared for. Did I mention she just received her Masters of Theological Studies from Notre Dame and I’m pretty sure it was all about the VBS! —jk

  12. I love the photo. Good eye you have. (well, i’m sure the other eye is alright, too.)

    If Sidney dies, you are more than welcome to our dog. I loathe the dog. Would much prefer a Sidney in my life.

  13. I love that now my kids are this age the full magic of summer is coming back to me full force. I find myself anticipating it as much as they are.

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