Skirting Around the Biliary Dyskinesia

A few weeks ago I suddenly got the urge to fill my closet with skirts. In the past, when similar urges have struck or stricken depending on your preference, I simply made a trip to J.Jill where I tried on a handful of skirts, did the math while standing half-clothed in the dressing room, and walked out empty handed (yet fully clothed) with the skippy feeling you get when you have saved $439.85 by NOT filling your closet with skirts.

(I know. I don’t HAVE to go to J.Jill. BUT, if I were to choose a store based on the style I think I want to represent, stinking expensive J.Jill it would be.) ((Um, by the way, I would love to be able to carry this off. I believe I would drink more green tea if I dressed like that! And I know I would smile more! And I would be right on track with Infinite Summer!))

Anyway, instead of making a trip to the mall this time around, I made a trip to the fabric store.

Last weekend I put this together:


I wore it out on Monday, and it didn’t fall apart when I sat down, so I headed back to the fabric store a few days back with my biggest critics—Harper and Meredith.

Me: I would like you to help me choose some fabric for a skirt that would look good with either a white or a black t-shirt.

Meredith (after browsing less than three minutes): This is the one. You can wear it when you go to a restaurant.

And I know that it’s probably best suited for a pot holder or a tablecloth, but Meredith actually put a bit of thought into it, and Harper agreed with her. So now I have one of these:


AND, because my brain is completely wrapped up in skirts, I went out this morning and bought the fabric to make another. You see, I’m going to a party tonight (who? me? what?), and I believe the party calls for something with neon dots, as most parties do.

(Please stay tuned, for my next update will contain actual photographs (or cartoony drawings, depending on your preference) of my gall bladder—specifically, my sphincter of Oddi, which has absolutely nothing to do with the large-tongued dog in the Garfield cartoon strip.)


Edited to Add: Finished with the Friday Skirt! (See what I mean about the skirts?! It’s all skirts all the time over here! Simplicity 2906!)


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42 thoughts on “Skirting Around the Biliary Dyskinesia”

  1. I LOVE them BOTH! Wow – they look great! YOU look great! I think you should get the J.Jill dress – IT’S 10% OFF!!!!


    Ahem. Great job FP.

  2. So I totally want to make some skirts now. Because they are cute and hey, look at your mad sewing skills.

    Also, I would totally wear the one with the forks and spoons.

  3. I’m sorry, I know it’s not meant to be funny. But I just love that they picked out fabric with forks and spoons and said to wear it to a restaurant. That’s just.. funny. A lovely skirt, indeed, but funny.

    Also, I don’t know how to sew to save my life, so the fact that you made those all on your own? Color me impressed.

  4. LOVE the restaurants skirt. I don’t know why, but it strikes me as tres francais. Perhaps it is the black and white! (Or perhaps because I was at a French restaurant for lunch?!). Another blogger I read is making bags – maybe if you get tired of skirts you could switch to bags – because I can see from the skirts and the little girl dresses that you could pretty much sew whatever you wanted!!
    Happy weekend.

  5. First, I think we all would like to feel able to pull off that jjill outfit. Probably including the model. I have something similar, but only wear it on winter days when I will not be leaving the house.

    I love, love, love the forks and spoons motif. I have been thinking a great deal about making myself skirts, since for some reason I feel I would be better able to wear them to the park. So far, two dresses for my daughter and no skirts for me. Soon!

  6. Thank you for inspiring me to crank up the free Singer I got on craigslist! I’m going to make skirts, too.

  7. Both skirts look great. I can’t tell from the pictures-are they both the same style? The side slit is just the right height.

    I was looking at all the skirts in my closet that aren’t getting used this summer; in my new job I sit on the floor a lot and they wouldn’t be appropriate!

  8. So is the polka dotted one the a-line pattern (skirt A), then? The straight skirt with the side slit (B) is great, but I can’t quite tell the shape of the polka-dot.

    Great job!

  9. Delurking to say I love the skirts, and I wish I could sew. You make it look so easy. Also, isn’t it interesting that the people who bought the pattern for the last skirt also bought a pattern for scrubs?

  10. I love those skirts! Even the forks one!

    Do you want to make me one? I gained a size…wait, or my skirts shrunk…can’t remember, but none fit. We have a huge garden…I would gladly trade zucchini and tomatoes and watermelon and cantaloupe, and some of the other 3 million things we are growing for a skirt that fits. I am not desperate. (And will not be upset if you say no.) Your skirts are still cute.

  11. Jon had his gallbladder out several years ago – he had the laparoscopic surgery, which went really well, but he was pretty sore for a few days. Some pain meds and a week off work, and he was feeling much better.

    Adorable skirts! I’m with you on the JJill thing… once a year or so I splurge on a few pieces “for work.” I should be sewing skirts instead!

  12. Someday I am going to be a skirt person. It is on my life goals list. I never know what shoes go with skirts but I think you showed me. Now … don’t take this as an insult because in the end, you will see, I am totally going a different way here but sometimes when people make their own clothes, you can kind of tell (Here come the Duggars!). But yours are so super cool! You should sell them TO J. Jill. I love every one of them and am jealous I don’t have the talent, bod or balls to do that. Gorgeous!

  13. Where did you find that fork and spoon fabric? I am feeling a bit inspired… I have some left over amy butler fabric… must get back to quilting.

  14. That skirt is so forking cute!

    I’m in St. Louis and I know Jackman’s. Whenever I go there to buy buttons, because they’re the only thing I know how to sew, I wish I knew how to sew.

  15. Darling skirts!

    As I was walking around JoAnn’s this evening, I was thinking of you and your many talents, like sewing and knitting and whatnot. I really need to get up the courage! I’m too busy making pickles and zucchini bread and marmalade right now… but maybe this fall… just maybe.

  16. When I first pulled up this post, I was on the phone, read about the trip to JJill and scanned the rest. I figured the photos were the skirts you WANTED to buy and I was thinking, “I need to comment and tell her she could MAKE those skirts really easily since she made those dresses for her girls.”

    Little did I know….

    I knew you could make yourself uber cute clothes. The skirts look great and are very pudding-esque! Keep on stitching.

  17. I love them all!

    And I totally wish I were a skirt person. Skirts are WAY cuter than pants. But I have a sweaty thigh-rubby issue that you probably don’t want to know about (but oh look, I told you anyway!) and it prevents me from enjoying skirts as they are meant to be enjoyed. WOE IS ME.

  18. the utensil skirt is great. while you didn’t make a dress, it is the kind of fabric loves. she has dresses in crossword fabric, letters, rulers, etc.

    can i hire you to make me some skirts? last time i used a sewing machine was 27 years ago and i never finished that lightweight denim prairie skirt i had to make for home ec. oops!

  19. I love the first one! I have been dying to sew, got out the sewing machine that I got from my sister, threaded it, and it won’t pull fabric through, it just makes loops on the back of the fabric. Oh sewing machine, why must you fight me?

  20. I like the skirts you made much better! All the jjills here closed down this week,so I got a few things pretty cheap…I am in the sewing mode now though.

  21. I am in a skirt phase right now because i just had a baby 6 weeks ago and apparently my thighs have decided not to allow any pants to pass them. Bastards.

  22. confession: I just bought some of that cutlery fabric (not for a skirt, though, for a purse)

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