Too bad we’re going to miss Upper GI Wednesday!

Yesterday afternoon we were able to attend a glow-in-the-dark juggling/magic show at the local library. Because we know how these things tend to fill up quickly (We don’t really know that, but we pretend to be knowing. We’re so smug.), we arrived thirty minutes before show time.

As the girls and I waited for the show to begin, Jeff announced that he was going to use the restroom. Ten minutes later he returned.

Jeff: Girls, I think the show is about to begin! I just saw the juggler in the bathroom, and he was washing his balls!!!

Me: Wow. There you go!

Jeff: Yep. So, I guess THAT happened!

Meredith: Why was he washing his balls? Were they sticky?!

Jeff: Well, I’m not sure. I didn’t want to crowd him.

And, Scene.

In health-related news (look away, Eddie), all of my test results are showing that my gall bladder really is a respectable fellow. SO, I’m now on a different medication, and will be having an abdominal CAT scan as well as an upper endoscopy sometime in the next month. Apparently, this is colonoscopy/endoscopy season (who knew?!)—making it very difficult to score  an appointment. (Just in case you’re interested, it’s also groundhog, squirrel, and coyote season! Grab your forks!)

And, finally—because we can’t go to Luxembourg, we’ve decided to go camping at Trout Lodge. We’re leaving tomorrow, and according to the brochure we will be there for Safari Sunday, Blast from the Past Monday, and Wrangler Tuesday. Ponies will be ridden. S’mores will be consumed. AND, during naptime? I’ll be dinking around with a Swirl Shawl, or perhaps a Swirl Scarf. Which size do YOU prefer?

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18 thoughts on “Too bad we’re going to miss Upper GI Wednesday!”

  1. I like the shawl, myself. What yarn will you be using? I’m envious of your knitting skills. I still rank as a beginner.

  2. I can’t believe I’m telling this story, and if you ever tell my daughter I’ll deny it and then do very mean things to you:

    My fourth grader has been reading everything she can find about Greek mythology. She loves finding references to mythological characters in real life. It’s charming. Except — recently we were in Target and she squealed: “Look! ‘Trojan’!”

  3. I like the scarf better, but I think one of the points against the shawl was the color scheme in that photo. I like the Jojoland Melody better, so maybe it will work as a scarf?

  4. I note you have omitted to mention what colour the balls were. Shame.

    We don’t get enough cold weather here to justify the shawl, so I’d go for the scarf. Also because I’d have to kill somebody if I had to knit something that big. I bought the ishbel pattern (and that’s all down to you) and abandoned it after 10 rows. Some attention span proble…

  5. I like the scarf. Could just be the pictures, but the stitch pattern seems to work to greater effect in smaller format, and I like the edges. In other news, I have not finished knitting a single item this year. I blame my 3 year old. If I’m still blaming him when he’s 5, I will deserve to be called out.

  6. I’d first like to tell The Coffee Lady that camping, to me, is staying inside someplace where bugs can’t get me. If that means a Sheraton, then so be it.

    Enjoy the trip! I can’t wait to hear more stories from you as your family sits around the campfire. I really hope they include ball washing somehow.

  7. I vote for the scarf. To me, the shawl seemed a little bit overwhelming. Maybe ’twas the weight of the yarn?
    Of course, Ms. Golightly and I share similar attention spans, so . . . .
    I keep vowing to knit only small things made with super-bulky yarns, but then I go and buy some lace thing that will take me until my 50th birthday to complete – eek!

  8. I went to Trout Lodge when I was 13. I was waayyy to cool to actually have fun, but it is pretty great and I know you’ll enjoy it – I would now.

  9. Hmmm…I really don’t know what to say about the good news/baddish news (more tests) on the medical front. Not quite the carefree summer you probably had envisioned. But hey, right this very minute it could be naptime in the middle of Blas-From-the-Past Monday, so I will visualize you knitting happily to your heart’s content on the project of choice. Here’s to a fun-filled and hopefully relaxing vacation week for the entire pudding family in Not Luxembourg. Maybe next year?

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