You ain’t a beauty, but hey, you’re alright.

Bruce Springsteen was in town last night, and I have a friend who works for him. (And I wish the friend lived closer than she does, because I do believe we’re quite compatible in the Hanging Out While Knitting and Drinking Coffee department—which is one of my very favorite departments.) I met her for the first time last year when Mr. Springsteen was in town, and she completely floored us by giving us total VIP treatment.

When we arrived at the Scottrade Center for last night’s show, I couldn’t get past Security because I had brought a gift for my friend and a knitted hat for Mr. Springsteen. When I called her to explain the situation and apologize for the inconvenience, she quickly rescued us and took us backstage where (are you ready for this?!) we stood outside Mr. Springsteen’s dressing room and heard him yell, “Hey, Lady!” when one of his staff members entered. Also? I stood less than twenty feet away from Roy Bittan and Max Weinberg as they ate chicken skewers. I watched Steven van Zandt contemplate dinner options. We passed Nils Lofgren (and Tony La Russa) in the hall. Did I mention the chicken skewer thing?! (Seriously. That was a high point.)

When I worked at the hospital as a bagger of the dead, I would occasionally turn my badge over and wrap a stethoscope around my neck for the walk down to the cafeteria. I found that people respected the stethoscope more than the Unit Secretary badge, and they would often clear the way for me as I returned to the SICU with milk and Kit Kat in hand. Since leaving the hospital, I haven’t really had the chance to duplicate that feeling of power I experienced while wearing the stethoscope around my neck, until last night when I had this on my chest:
When we took our place in the pit, I caught at least a dozen people staring at my chest (that NEVER happens) and then whispering for their friends to stare at my chest. This badge quickly became my Bruce Springsteen Stethoscope.

Highlights of my night: Watching Mr. Springsteen playing piano and singing “For You.” (I’ll update to the St. Louis video if it becomes available. It was absolutely perfect.) Getting a quick visit in with my friend. The chicken skewer thing.  “She’s the One” (my favorite Springsteen tune).

Highlight of Jeff’s night: Being part of Mr. Springsteen’s crowd surfing moment during “Hungry Heart.” He was able to grab a leg o’ Bruce, and when I asked if it was muscular, he smiled and answered, “It was strong.”

When the show ended, we walked back to our car in the parking garage and found that our battery was dead. We called AAA and they weren’t able to get to us until over an hour after the final car had left the garage. AND, they were unable to get their truck to us because of the low ceilings in the garage. SO, the AAA guy had to walk his big battery thing up five flights of steps to help us out. (Thanks, Jake from AAA!) In other words, I’m now working from four hours of sleep, but I have absolutely zero complaints, for I saw Roy Bittan eat chicken, and the only thighs Jeff has touched in the past decade or more belong to me and Mr. Bruce Springsteen.

(I’ve received word that my hat made it onto Mr. Springsteen’s flight last night from St. Louis to Kansas City. This news will keep me smiling for at least 37 days.)

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11 thoughts on “You ain’t a beauty, but hey, you’re alright.”

  1. THAT is an amazing story! And I just love love love Mr. Springsteen too! You are one lucky chick with wonderful friends!

  2. I’m so envious! OK, that’s not the right word, because that would imply that I would appropriate that that experience from you and Jeff, when in reality I wouldn’t deny you a minute of it. What I want is to have gotten to go with you!

    Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be at the November show in Nashville, which, like yours, is a BtR show. Money is one issue, and the other is that the Sommet Center, formerly known as the Gaylord Entertainment Center, formerly known as the Nashville Arena, has such crappy sound that it rendered Mr. Springsteen’s 2008 show in that same venue almost unenjoyable, despite a tour de force performance from Mr. Springsteen. I’ve seen more than a few Springsteen shows in similar venues, and the only two shows of those that had bad sound were the two in that building.

  3. “the only thighs Jeff has touched in the past decade or more belong to me and Mr. Bruce Springsteen”
    you make me laugh!
    i saw springsteen in concert in europe 15 years ago. it was so very awesome too. but without the backstage pass and the chicken skewers.

  4. Um, I sent my sister to the concert with my best friend’s ashes (he died in March). Somehow she and her husband managed to cross security lines and whatnot and sprinkle the ashes on the stage/stairs.

  5. Wasn’t “She’s the One” great? I also dug “Jungleland” and “Rosalita.” We heard that he was singing a different album in its entirety at each show… did we luck out with “Born to Run” or what?! And, since you were so close, did he get any snot on you? Not a problem if he did… it’s magic, famous, glittery snot I bet!

  6. Man, I am so jealous. My friend Jean’s brother was an usher at the State Theatre in Sydney when He played there some years ago – it was her birthday & He shook her hand and wished her Happy Birthday…. but this is kind of better… and you know what? ‘She’s the one’ is my second favourite BS song – but for me, it’s Thunder Road. Are you sure we aren’t related?

  7. Awesomeness! I am a huge Bruce fan and have been lucky enough to touch him during She’s the One. After touching pinkies with Bono that was my “I can die now” moment.

  8. I never used to like Bruce when I was younger – once I hit my late twenties I found my appreciation. He definitely has sex appeal, too. Glad you had a great time. I hope I see pics of Bruce wearing that hat some day soon!

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