NaBloPoMo Day Two: Thorn in the side, pea in the shoe, etc.

One of the Pudding kids is not eating the turkey we pack for her lunch. According to her best friend, she throws her turkey away Every Single Day. That’s a lot of wasted turkey.

One of the Pudding kids has not been washing her hands after using the bathroom. Instead, she finishes using the bathroom, turns the water on for ten seconds, turns it off again, and walks out thinking she has fooled us. However, I caught her this morning, so she has lost her Washing Hands in Private privileges until further notice. Everyone is sick. EVERYONE. You HAVE to WASH your HANDS. (Yes. I’m very paranoid about this.)

The sink in the kitchen is backed up and I believe it’s because of tree roots growing into our front yard pipes. The plumber came out last year and predicted that he would be making yearly visits to clear the roots. Today is the day. Meanwhile, the kitchen, which is normally fairly messy, is Messy Deluxe. And this is two hundred dollars that we really should not be spending.

While taking Harper to school an hour ago, I drove past a bunch of protestors dancing and yelling at cars while waving their hands in the air like a bunch of idiotic marionettes near the Jewish Communty Center. From what I could gather during my ten second drive-by, they “HATE OBAMA the ANTI-CHRIST!”, they know that “JEWS will be FORCED to REPENT! NOW!”, and “HEALTHCARE for EVERYONE is STUPID!” And, you know what? After the whole turkey/handwash/sink thing, I was already nearing the end of my wits. When Harper asked me to read the signs to her, for the first time ever, I refused. All I could say was, “I don’t think they’re being very nice, Harper.” You know, I respect anyone’s right to speak their mind, if they can do it respectfully and intelligently. In fact, I encourage it! More importantly, I won’t hit you with my car if I disagree with you! But I have to say, standing near an elementary school with a poster of President Obama painted to look like Satan? Really? Worst of all, I saw at least three kids amongst the protestors. Kids who were laughing and yelling out hateful things at passing cars.

I’m tired. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. The level of hate for Obama circulating on the Right has me floored. The level of intelligence (or lack thereof) behind a lot of these arguments also has me floored. I thought I couldn’t get more embarrassed of my country than I was when Bush was at the helm, but I almost think what’s been going on this past year is worse.

    On another note, people apparently don’t like to eat turkey sandwiches or washtheir hands in this house either. Or flush the toilet.

  2. Doesn’t it take just as long to turn on the water for ten seconds as it does to actually wash your hands?

    I mean, provided you wipe them on the seat of your pants to dry them off, like I do. Towels might add a moment or two.

  3. I’m not so sure that I would have been able to control the direction of my vehicle if I were to pass protesters like that. I don’t understand people like that… AT ALL. I don’t tolerate people like that … AT ALL. Some days I have more tolerance than others. Lately, with everything going on in my world… my tolerance is null.

    Packing lunches was always such a difficult thing for us too… I know and feel your pain.

    We recently had the sewer back up into our basement , was told it was due to all of the rain. Thanks, Festus Public Works for not doing your routine maintenance throughout the city! I hope that your cutbacks are saving the city money. Maybe you could cutback on the repeated spraying of chemicals to repell mosquitos throughout the city during the spring and summer time… just a thought. (sorry rant is over)

    Is today national rant-alot day? It should be!

    I’m stressed. Not looking forward to my cardiac catherization tomorrow. That. is. all.

    I used to do a similar trick with brushing my teeth.(when I was 5ish) Not sure why…

  4. Sorry – sounds like a crummy day.

    We have a nearly 6 yo who tries to skip washing her hands. I’ve bought some very strong smelling handsoap (verbena I think), and she knows that if she doesn’t pass the sniff test, she goes back to re-wash. It solves both not doing it as well as the insta-rinse problem.

    Good luck

  5. I hate to get all ‘eugenics’ in your comment area, but there should be some kind of test for jackassery, dipshittery, and/or bigotry prior to someone reproducing. If they score too high, no kids.

  6. Some days I’m glad I’m not living in the US. It must be mighty embarrassing to have a President the rest of the world is deeply, deeply in love with, whilst having ignorant racist hicks thinking he’s the anti-christ. And healthcare for everyone is stupid, huh? How come the US is the only industrialised nation in the world without universal healthcare? All the rest of us manage & we haven’t fallen into the evil well of socialism because of it (well, not last time I looked, anyway). Sad.

  7. They sell pizza every single day in the middle school cafeteria, and I’m the mom who lets my kids buy it every single day. Why? SEVEN SOLID YEARS of every fruit/veg I packed in their lunches being thrown away. That’s why. Eat pizza every day for all I care! Get a tattoo! Worship Satan! Just STOP WASTING FOOD, for the love of God.

    I think it’s time to pet some yarn. Oh, and you should pet some, too.

  8. I love all of our huge trees, but my husband (who had called plumbers so many times to clear the roots that he decided it was cheaper to buy his own commercial drain snake in the long run – and IT WAS) it not a great fan. We got a tip from our local service department that if you put a container of this stuff:
    in the toilet twice yearly and flush, it will not damage the trees, or harm your pipes, just keep the roots out. We haven’t had to snake anything in 4-5 years since we’ve been vigilantly flushing. Thought I’d pass along a great tip. :)

  9. We have a different set of protesters in our town – ever since the war started, the local Quakers have staged an anti-war protest on Saturdays. Come rain or shine, they are standing on the corner of our main street with signs against the war. That’s a lot of Saturdays. I think it says a lot, though, that everyone honks in their support – no one is against these protestors.

  10. Um, can I just say…? I am a card-carrying Conservative (mostly libertarian, really). Which means that, while I respect Mr. Obama as our president, I strongly disagree with many of his policies. But I DO NOT UNDERSTAND what those people are trying to accomplish with those signs!! Other than making people feel really justified in dismissing them as nutjobs without giving any of their ideas a second glance…? Seriously, equating Obama with the devil? NOT SO HELPFUL in contributing to meaningful and thoughtful debate over the issues. Sigh…

  11. A new WalMart opened in my neighborhood a week ago. There have been protestors in the streets every day. My kids wave at them on our way to school. I don’t think I would let them wave at your protestors.

    Maybe she would eat crackers and cheese?

  12. This makes me very glad that the Jewish Community Center where my boys attend pre-k has police officers on campus at all times. That would scare me to death and make me crazy angry all at the same time.

    I hope today is better!

  13. I know I’ve mentioned before that I volunteer/work at a school. A Montessori school that does “practical life” works every day. I mention this only because I think it might be a good idea to suggest to your school something that we’ve reinvigorated at ours: hand washing lessons. (And maybe lessons on sneezing and coughing and nose blowing, too.)

    All other germs, dirt, and bacteria aside, H1N1 has swept through our school. Lots of fevers and positive Type A Influenza tests (99% of which are H1N1 not seasonal flu). Kids (& adults) should be singing along while they wash – I recommend “Happy Birthday” – to ensure they’re washing long enough. Here’s the CDC: You may enjoy this video and others like it: Because kids love videos of other kids. Or this one of Crawford the Cat:

  14. We got shown a kids science experiment the other day; you put some water in a dish, and then shake some pepper in, get a cocktail stick and wet it and then stick it in the water. Nothing happens. Then you stick the end in some liquid soap, dip it into the peppery water and the pepper literally RUNS AWAY.

    The Little Lattes were convinced.

  15. I’;ve been a reader for … years? At least since before the group blog experiment. And the PLUMBING post finally got me to comment? @Emily, I find that suggestion staggeringly invaluable. What does it say about me that I’m so excited to try that product?

  16. Hey – aren’t the Wiggles Jewish? Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Buy fun foamy soap until this phase passes. I guess sometimes turkey gets old. And lastly, I hate ignorance – hate, hate, hate it!

  17. What is it with kids and handwashing? Mine is too into it right now, and likes to make massive mounds of soap bubbles in the sink. He lost private washing privileges the last time I caught him. Don’t even get me started on private wiping — oh my God, the mess.

  18. @ Sheila – I hope it works as well for you as it has for us! We can usually find it at Home Depot, or Lowes, or any hardware store. Good luck!

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