Our tree has lost her skirt.

Christmas Morning

The photo above was taken at 5:30 this morning, right before I made coffee and stared at the tree in silence.

The silence was broken at 6:15, but will be quickly reassembled in approximately one hour and ten minutes.

Merry Christmas to one and all from the Pudding family.

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7 thoughts on “Our tree has lost her skirt.”

  1. Merry Christmas to you, too! Your tree looks lovely. Hope Santa brought all of the Puddings their hearts desire.

  2. The tree is beautiful, but a little slutty having lost her skirt. Probably drank too much ‘eggnog’. Next thing you know, she’ll be dancing on the tables and seducing your ficus. She’ll wake up ashamed and hardly able to remember the holiday.

    This, of course, is why Christmas trees wear skirts in the first place – to preserve the somberness of the special day.

    Next year, you’ll know.

    (Long time, no comment. Hope you are all well. Happy New Year from a ghost of blogging past.)

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