40 thoughts on “Nothing But a Number”

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Fluid Pudding! (I’m a long time lurker… just wanted to pass on birthday wishes!)

  2. Happy happy birthday! BTW, I had a strange dream about you last night. We were at a very crowded amusement park and got separated. I was looking for you and found out that you had been turned into Mia Kirshner and had recorded an album of country songs.

    (Also, I love love love that Fiona Apple song!) (But not such a big fan of country songs. Sorry, Mia.)

  3. You win. That was amazing, even if you did play with my emotions by making me think you were going to do the marshmallow thing again. Now I’m actually looking forward to 40.

  4. Cute trick with the marshmallows, lady ;) You almost had me fooled!

    Happy 40th Birthday. Also? I want your hair.


    PS – That’s an amazingly beautiful poem by Meredith (from 2 posts ago). Just beautiful.

  5. You make me smile. And I didn’t get you anything. That seems unfair.

    Oh well. Happy fortieth, Mrs. Pudding!

  6. I thought that you were going to eat FORTY marshmallows!!

    You are just so damned clever!

    Happiest of Birthdays to you, my dear friend!

  7. Happy Birthday! I turned 40 in Nov., so far so good. I am going to go all CNN and not call it one of my best years yet as I have half of it left, but I can say that it has been a very very good first half.

  8. Hey, welcome to the 40s. I’m there too and it’s an odd year so far. I however; don’t have a public blog and I don’t taunt people with marshmallow eating. I mean I might eat marshmallows on my blog; but no-one sees me! Hehehe….

  9. Bwahahaahaaaaa — that little shake of the head after the second marshmallow? Priceless!

    Your brain, and your creativity, Ms. P — they’re only getting better with age!!!

    Here’s hoping you have fine fun ad festive day today, and feel very well-celebrated and well-loved!

    Best birthday greetings from Cupertino!

  10. I’m 40 tomorrow, and a little freaked out by the prospect–probably because I remember my dad’s 40th birthday party (a surprise, staged by his friends, with a girl in a French maid costume, no less) and it seemed like my parents were actual grown-ups then. And I’m not so sure I’m entirely grown-up. Having a bit of an existential crisis only encountered previously at 23 and 27.

  11. Happy happy birthday. 40 looks good on you!

    You are an extraordinary machine, indeed, but ignore Fiona and certainly (go) shopping for any new shoes.

  12. Happy birthday. I expected you to stuff 40 marshmallows in your mouth, I am very disappointed. Alas, I suppose all this is behind you now. 40 is ok, 41 is better, you start forgetting how old you are again.

  13. Happy Fortieth Birthday! Angela, women like are a like a fine wine. We only getter better as we age.

    I will be joining you in the fabulous 40 club on Nov 25. I say bring it. I am ready. My 30s were great so the 40s can only get better!!!!

    BTW, you look 27 so no one will believe you are 40!

  14. Happy happy happy birthday! One day belated, although when you turn 40 one should have at least a week to celebrate and be feted. I fete you! Ballyhoo!

    1970 was a great year. A fabulous year for babies. MWAH!

  15. Well….Happy Birthday to you! I looked forward to 40, but not as much as 41…it’s prime, you know.

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