Oh, Barbie…

This morning I went into the girls’ bathroom and found this on the tub.

Oh, Barbie...

(I have given the girls permission to throw all Barbies into the bathtub, which means I can throw them all away in a few months when their hair starts to get nasty.) Apparently, this particular Barbie is making the most of her limited amount of time in our house. Seriously: Who can beat a naked duck riding party on a cool Wednesday night in September?

Meanwhile, Barbie’s friend (a.k.a. Barbie) was involved in some sort of devastating holiday duck misadventure.


This sort of behavior will not be tolerated at The Pudding House. She’ll be checking into rehab (a.k.a. The Trash Can) later this afternoon. Without the ducks.
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15 thoughts on “Oh, Barbie…”

  1. hahaha! No clothes on Barbie at your house either. My older daughter brought some Barbies for the little one (age 2.5) to play with on our vacation. All of them were naked. I said “Why didn’t you bring any Barbie clothes?!” Her response “She always just takes them off anyway – and she can’t put them on.” Insightful, no?!

  2. I like how Duck Barbie is throwing her hands in the air like she just don’t care. And why should she?! She is naked and riding a pink duck. I am pretty sure she did some drugs, she probably got them from her friend, Barbie.

  3. At our house Barbie would have been riding a Monster Truck in the tub. Or hobnobbing with Superman or the Hulk…..hmmm…that is an interesting scenario.

  4. You just reminded me that my oldest asked the other day why we still have two big boxes of Barbies. We’ve passed that stage! I’m getting rid of them RIGHT NOW. They were all sluts in my house. Totally inappropriate most of the time.

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