Some of this, some of that.

Today was an early dismissal day at school. As I type this post, Harper is on one couch with a sore throat and a cough. Meredith is on the other couch with a stomachache. I have canceled my plan to go to my book club this evening, and am currently trying my hardest to not be a bit bummed out. Hrm. I suppose if they’re going to get sick, I’d much rather they get sick now and not when we’re headed out to Disney World. AND, it’s the beginning of a three day weekend! The perfect time for illness! Whee! This is a GOOD thing.

I’m feeling a phantom buzzing sensation thing in my left thigh at the exact location where I carry my phone. SO, I keep grabbing for my phone, and no one is there. My phone is not vibrating. My leg is vibrating. It’s doing it right now, actually. Also, and I’m not going to say this very loudly, but: My headache, at this moment in time, is gone. The receptionist at my eye doctor’s office was quick to sing songs about how “90% of headaches are NOT caused by eye-related issues, but I’ll go ahead and set up an appointment.” During the appointment, after hearing me drone on about my head, the doctor (whose glass appears to be half-full) said, “Well, 10% of headaches are actually caused by eye-related issues!” Anyway. I haven’t yet started to knit a pair of socks for him, but I’m starting to feel the urge. 48 hours with the new glasses, and my almost eight week old headache feels like it’s gone. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

I haven’t had meat for nearly five months. However, if Jon Hamm were to show up and ask me to share a kielbasa tray with him? I’d grab the mustard (obviously) and dig right in. I wouldn’t share a kielbasa tray with just anyone, mind you. Jon Hamm is my current “Screw the vegetarianism, it’s time for Eastern European sausage!” guy. (Incidentally, he grew up less than ten miles away from where I live right now. My current local honey is his childhood local honey. (I’m not talking about Jeff. I’m talking about bees.))

I shall now drink hot tea and telepathically transfer the healing properties to my kids. Can I get a Lapsang Souchong?!
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7 thoughts on “Some of this, some of that.”

  1. Regardless of the “why”, wooyay for headache remission, and here’s to nailing down the “why” for future headache avoidance!!

    Two sick kids and no bookclub? Not so much with the “woo” :-(

  2. I have whatever Harper has. I will drink a hot toddy for BOTH of us this evening, but I will keep all the alcohol for myself (sorry, Harper — I get the whisky and you are stuck with warm, honey-sweetened lemonade)(but you have the John Hamm bee honey so it’s all good, right?).

  3. I actually had to re-read it a few times to figure out if it was Jeff, Jeff’s childhood honey who was Hamm’s childhood honey, Hamm’s honey who became Jeff’s honey or whether you were Hamm’s honey’s honey. And then I got the the part about honey from bees and felt silly for having re-read it so many times without reading THE NEXT SENTENCE TO SORT IT OUT. Problem solving!

  4. Mmm… Hamm…

    (or am I the only one who thinks that way???)

    Huh. Gives me new insight into why I married an Iowa boy.

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