Doors, Balls, and the Illusion of Depth Perception

I am pleased to report that the door man arrived at 10:00 this morning. Five hours later? New door. And, because it’s a small world after all, I learned that he also vacationed in Jackson Hole over the summer. (He did it the hardcore way—with camping supplies. We went the route of delicate flowers. We all put our pants on one leg at a time.)

The library just called. My copy of Cake Pops is ready to be picked up. I reserved this book nearly six months ago, and it’s arriving just in time for me to leave on our trip. Here’s hoping I have time to put together at least one batch of balls before the weekend. (That link doesn’t sound like it’s totally safe, but it is. Gutterhead.)

Harper is intrigued with the process of creating three dimensional art. And I need to make dinner. So that’s all I’ve got for today. Cake balls!
Harper! Now in 3D!
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5 thoughts on “Doors, Balls, and the Illusion of Depth Perception”

  1. I was thinking about making cake pops for Lowell’s birthday party. I’m doing a Lego theme so thought doing a brick or a minifig head would be funny. But then I thought, maybe I’ll just get a sheetcake from Costco, sprinkle it with Legos, and call it a day. Crunchy!

  2. If someone showed me that picture and demanded that I guess from whence it came, ‘I would’ve immediately replied, ‘The 80s’. There’s a weird Back To The Future feel to those glasses. The crown is a nice unrelated touch, as well.

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