I just saved Harper from spending her elementary career in prison.

The girls are getting super SUPER excited about the Disney World trip next week. Although I’ve talked to them about the dangers of tooting horns and I constantly perform my Bragging is Ugly song (sung to the tune of The Reflex by Duran Duran!), I have a funny feeling they’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the trip at school.

Harper: My teacher said she wants us to pack her in my suitcase so she can go to Disney World!

Meredith: Mrs. O said that she wants to go, too!

Me: It would be pretty awesome if we could take the teachers, wouldn’t it? Hrm. I don’t think our suitcases are big enough!

Meredith: We would need a suitcase the same size as the hall closet. And the teachers would have to stay silent until we got to the hotel.

Me: What?

Harper: I have an idea. Mombo told me that we can put anything that doesn’t fit in our suitcases into the trunk of her car. We can surprise Miss B by picking her up at her house, putting her in the trunk of Mombo’s car, and driving her to Disney World!

Me: Okay. I’m not completely up on crime classification, but I’m pretty sure kidnapping your teacher and transporting her to Florida in the trunk of a car would be a federal offense—even if we would be taking her to The Happiest Place on Earth. We would have to skip Disney World and go to jail instead!

Harper: Maybe we’ll just buy her a postcard.

Me: I think that’s a much wiser choice.
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6 thoughts on “I just saved Harper from spending her elementary career in prison.”

  1. It’s such a good thing for our kids that they have us around…

    (I think we might have been separated by birth again–Harper was the name I wanted for a girl–after Harper Lee of course)

  2. Hee-hee. I’m sensing a growing addiction (mine) to your pen on paper. It’s a sure bet those girls will be “raised right” (Run With The Horsemen / Ferrol Sams).

  3. Please tell me that you’ll have to ride It’s a Small World 1 or 100 times.

    And a wee secret from me–I cry when those stupid dolls start singing. Every.damn.time.

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