It’s a classic emerald cut. With a hemi.

Me: Jeff, I’ve been paying attention to the commercials this year, and it looks like you’re supposed to either purchase a car or diamonds for me for Christmas.

Jeff: I’ve got you covered.

Me: So, what did the television convince you to buy?

Jeff: I actually went off the grid and bought you a car made out of diamonds.

Me: Excellent. Imagine how stunning that’s going to be when I try to drive during the next ice storm!

Jeff: Best of all, it’s never going to scratch, so it was totally worth the completely debilitating amount of debt we’re now in.

Me: We might not be able to gas it up, but it sure will be pretty.

Jeff: You’re welcome.
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5 thoughts on “It’s a classic emerald cut. With a hemi.”

  1. Hey, you make me laugh out loud! So much! I used to read your blog when you were pregnant with Young MC, and just after she was born… this was before I had my own (who’s now four, and I still call her the Grub. Then, somehow, I lost you, but here you are again. Still making me laugh out loud. Thanks, Angela.

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