I could go on and on.

MC Angel

To the lady at the store who bought the final avocado roll . . . to the young man at the gas station who wore his daughter’s pink scarf and his own mismatched gloves . . . to the guy I see running to the bus stop every day with an umbrella—even when there’s zero chance of precipitation . . . to the child at school who wore the same clothes two days in a row last week . . . to my five year old who sings “Wise up, Shepherd, and follow!” . . . to my other daughter who changes every occurrence of Mistletoe to Missing Toe and then declares the song to be about her father . . . to the employee at school who humiliated a girl in the hallway to the extent that she was almost in tears yesterday morning . . . to the older gentleman at the grocery store who told me that my hair is nice (it’s actually quite mean!) . . . to the families who are needing something . . . to the families who are taking something for granted . . . to the teachers who light fires of inspiration in our kids’ heads . . . to the people who are just trying to get warm . . . to the woman at the doctor’s office who quietly tapped her leg to the beat of Jingle Bells and then raised both legs into the air for the final horse whinny . . . to the kindergarten student who called me over yesterday morning and then performed the sign of the cross . . . to the man at Walgreens who was shopping for infant Tylenol . . . to the other man who was shopping for Junior Mints . . . to each and every one of you for whatever reason you come by here . . . Merry Christmas.

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28 thoughts on “I could go on and on.”

  1. I was fine with this until I got to the man with the infant Tylenol.

    Sudden flood of tears.

    Holiday hormones?

    Merry Everything to you and yours, FP!

  2. To the woman who unknowingly gives me a chuckle or smile when I’m having a crap heap of a day – Merry Christmas!

    (Not today, by the way. Today has been quite nice.)

  3. Hey, Merry Christmas to you!

    You do have nice hair you know….I’m tres jealous of you rocking the short hair!

  4. …hoping that wasn’t my kid wearing the same clothes two days in a row…(ha!) Anything’s possible!

    I missed seeing you today…Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the Puddin’ Fam!

  5. And to you and yours Angela Pudding!

    (This totally made me smile, scowl, cry, tilt my head, think, hope, wish and then smile bigger. Thank you.)

  6. do you know that when that angel popped up, it took my breath away?

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. and also to you! Unrelated note: I think you look like the lady on the V commercials (the TV show) she is very beautiful and she totally stole your hairstyle!

  8. Beautiful–this really reminds me to notice as much as possible. Merry Christmas, Angie!

  9. And to you and yours, the Pudding Household–Merry Christmas–a couple of days late, but still, 12 days of Christmas, right?!

    Loved the lady who lifted both legs for the “final horse whinny”

    and I’ll add one:
    to the husband who for the first time took the whole day off while the wife went to work and watched the 3 children, aged 3, 2 and 1, (the three-year-old very snot-covered, the two-year-old not quite potty-trained and the one-year-old, teething) and has only called his wife 3 times prior to lunch to ask questions….

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