Pudding on the Rocks. Shaken.

I’ve had three dreams in my life that tend to take place over and over again.

(Some call them Recurring Dreams. I call them dreams in my life that tend to take place over and over again.)

The first involves me missing an elementary school choir concert that I was supposed to accompany on the piano. In the dream, I realize that the concert is taking place right as it finishes, and the guilt I feel for not being there to play the piano is completely overwhelming. I cry. I make countless apologetic phone calls to the choir director. I swear this will never EVER happen again. Interestingly enough, thanks to Facebook, I actually reconnected with the choir director involved in the dream last year, and I met up with her for dinner. I explained the dream to her, and she has assured me that this event never took place, nor does she believe that it ever WOULD take place. I haven’t had the dream since we had that conversation. Cured.

The second dream? I get lost in the city and take a wrong turn onto a bridge without railings that is only slightly wider than my car, and I’m forced to drive something like ninety miles per hour. I freak out, drive off the edge of the bridge, and wake myself up by jolting in bed. I’m not quite sure what I’ll have to do to get rid of this dream, other than drive into a tree to shift focus from the bridge. I’m not quite ready to explore my options on this one.

In the third dream, I put on ice skates for the first time ever, reluctantly step over to the ice rink, and suddenly transform into the most elegant of skaters this world has ever seen. I leap. I spin. I do this sort of thing! And suddenly, Madeleine begins to play, and I get all jaunty and the world falls in love with my moves, and I’m just as surprised as everyone, because This Is My Very First Time Skating! Who knew I was The Reticent Conqueror?!?!

A few days back, Meredith was invited to a birthday party that will take place at an ice rink, and family members have been encouraged to attend.

This is it, my friends. For the first time in forty years, I’ll be lacing up the skates and will either crystallize or kill my dream of becoming a graceful senior level ice princess.

Reticent Conqueror

Keep your fingers crossed. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Pudding on the Rocks. Shaken.”

  1. i have my fingers crossed, mrs. pudding!
    my recurring dr- i mean dream in my life that tends to take place over and over again involves flowers that are way taller than me, a big bad wolf and a little girl (me!) who cannot move. i haven’t had it in a couple of years. knock on wood.

  2. Lace the skates tightly around your ankles and higher; not so much that you cut off circulation but more than you might think you need. Wobbly ankles are a Bad Thing in this case.

  3. I love the word “crystallize”. Thank you for reminding me!

    Good luck on the ice. May you glide like a princess.

  4. Mu bet? Not a snowball’s chance in hell you’ll come out of that event with your pride intact ;-)

    But I’m darn sure you’ll have fun!

  5. Maybe not the leaping and dancing – but if the gliding and turning go well (and it’s entirely possible they will, I’m a great believer in visualisation and you’ve done that IN SPADES) then I hope you’ll be satisfied.

    My ever-returning dream is being run away with in a car: I put the brakes on but it won’t stop and continues relentlessly forward, but very, very slowly. Honestly, I could step out, easy as – I just never have. I think it’s all about taking charge in my life.

  6. I have a thing with driving on bridges in my waking life, ever since driver’s ed. in 10th grade when they went over the whole if-the-car-plunges-into-water-you-will-not-be-able-to-open-the-door explanation. At the time, the solution was a reasonable, roll down the window. But it has been quite a few years since I actually rode in a car with roll down windows, so I think I need to get one of those break the window tools. I bet that does nothing to cure you of that dream that you dream over and over.

    Good luck on the ice!

  7. I love to ice skate! I took lessons in my early 20’s and my advice to you is to lace your skates tightly around your ankles (or get ankle supports, like I did), AND when you first get on the ice… take tiny steps as if you were marching, don’t try to glide until you get the marching steps down. Have fun!!

    My reocurring dreams are about ghosts and bad guys breaking into my house and chasing me. :( Not so sure how to stop those dreams from happening again.

  8. Thinking of Bette Davis in The Man Who Came to Dinner – skating with her new love and eating baked sweet potatoes on the edge of the frozen pond.

    Some days, just staying vertical is a WIN.

  9. It’s so FREEING when one of those dreams evaporates into the clouds of reality! Good for you.

  10. ok, now I’m especially disappointed that you couldn’t come…I would have surely fallen in love with your graceful moves!

    On the upside, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the footage Jeff recorded of Meredith’s own graceful emergence! She did great, and was having a lot of fun! Be proud!

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