This is when I straighten out our soups! Soup straightening at 2:07!

Jeff is home from Palm Springs, and has been home sick for the past two days. I hate that he’s sick and I wish he felt better and insert all of those other sympathetic things that I’m supposed to say here, but really: I need him to go back to work so I can stop spending the day jumping up and spraying Swiffers with Pledge for no real reason other than to look busy.

Me: Oh! Um, it’s 10:27! This is the time when I normally dust the DVD player and all of the Wii games! See? Like this! I keep very busy when you’re at work.

Time passes.

Me: Um, oh! It’s 11:49! Now is the time when I do something like wipe out the bathroom sink! You might THINK I sit on the couch when I’m between freelance jobs. BUT, I do not. I wipe out the sink! At 11:49, usually! Give or take a minute or two! Idle hands are the devil’s workshop!!! Who is this, this Dr. Oz on the television?!

I just left the house for nearly an hour. Thank God I had a video due at the library. Thank God Bath & Body Works is having a sale on the stuff I use, meaning it’s silly to NOT go stock up on my shower gel. (Have I told you that my signature scent involves jasmine and vanilla? Well, it does!)

Jeff is currently downstairs on a conference call, which gives me a few minutes to sit here and drink coffee. As soon as I hear him saying his goodbyes, I’ll probably feel the urge to throw some laundry into a basket or spray some Lysol into a toilet or vacuum the cats or chew the skin off of my knuckles or something. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “This is when I straighten out our soups! Soup straightening at 2:07!”

  1. Our road is a sheet of ice, so my husband has been working from home all week. There is laundry in the works today, but while it’s in the washer and the kids are having their quiet time? I’m sitting on the couch playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook.

  2. I’ve been home on these “snow days” for two days now. I always feel a bit guilty that I don’t get more done while Mike is working, so I find myself doing the same thing. As soon as he calls to tell me he is on his way I go into overdrive with straightening, folding laundry, and making beds. The other 8 hours of the day? Playing Bejeweled and snooping into the lives of my friends on Facebook.

  3. Laughing because I wonder if that’s why my SAHD hubby does the dishes in the evening while I put the children to bed. Of course, he is home with our 3 year old all day, which can make it very hard to get ANYTHING done (more fun to read stories or go to the store).
    Before he was SAHD, I did the same thing when I took a day off to “get stuff done at home”…..

  4. During the years when my spouse traveled every week, I was a frenetic TNC (Thursday Night Cleaner) — it became an extended family joke that I’d let everything in the house go to pot until hours before he came home. To that I say, I worked full time outside the house, went to grad school and have 2 kids, so shut up.

    Now that he only travels monthly, and I have 30 Rock/Community/Parks & Rec/The Office, Thursdays are mine again and the house looks just as bad on Friday morning.

  5. My husband works from home 2 days a week. It’s embarrassing how I seem to need supervision to do a good job. Not really supervision, of course, just someone in the same house with their office door closed that can hear when the tv is on.

  6. Oh My….SO Funny. My husband usually pops in throughout the day….like several times, so I always have my “go to’s” so I look busy when I see his truck pull up. Usually bleach in the toilet, been cleaning all day! Vacuum out in the living-room, was just fixing to vacuum! When he catches me unaware, I jump up and come out of the bathroom… So Funny, yet so silly…. I get things done…It just doesn’t take “all that” to do my job…. Loved this post!

  7. My son, who’s home from college has been sick the last 2 days also. Which means I had to snow blow the driveway today…but that’s all I did.

    I hope Jeff is feeling better and back to work soon.

  8. When I worked nights P.T. I was the same way. I loved the question “what did you do all day?”. Now that I work and he is home more he texts me to make him a dentist appt. or pick up milk. WTF

  9. this post make my laugh out loud. THAT is EXACTLY what happens around here when my husband decides to work from home for the day…


    (he shall NOT read this post. EVER)

  10. Count me in! My husband is working from home this morning before he goes out of town overnight and he’s throwing everything off-kilter.

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