Psst! I’m ready for skirt season!

Do you guys know Isabella Golightly? She lives in Australia and despite the fact that she has never had a proper fish taco, she’s absolutely delightful. A few weeks back, I visited her Etsy shop and ordered a flatpack for schlepping around my keys and phone and cash card when I go to the gym. (HA HA HA HA!!! I don’t go to the gym! When I say Gym, I mean grocery store, school, or Gokul.) ((By the way, Gokul is opening their Loop location on Thursday if any of my lunch people want to hook up for lunch in the coming weeks!))

Anyway. My flatpack arrived in the mail yesterday, and I didn’t even realize it was there because I’m afraid to get my mail. (Not because of this. Currently, our driveway is a solid sheet of ice. In fact, if my milkman is reading this right now, he’s yelling, “Yeah! And I almost cracked my butt on that ice yesterday morning carrying your half gallons up to the house! I rock a mic like a vandal, light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle!”) This morning the lovely Isabella asked if I had received the pouch, so Jeff risked his life by sliding down the hill to the mailbox, and yes.

Isabella Golightly Flatpack!

I’m in love with this flatpack, and I’m not quite sure how I got by without it. (I’m looking at you, Yesterday!) ((This month, all proceeds will benefit Queensland Flood Relief!)) (((I’m afraid this photo makes the pouch look HUGE. It’s actually quite small—the perfect size to hold my phone, my cash and insurance cards, my lip stuff, license, and iPod. Everything I Need.)))

On a semi-related note, on the way home from my book club meeting on Sunday, I had ten minutes to stop by a fabric sale before the store closed. It took about three minutes to get over the feeling of being completely overwhelmed, an additional two minutes to remember how much fabric I need to make the skirt that I tend to make, and five more minutes to find two fabrics that I love. When the sun comes out and the corduroy pants are thrown back into the top of the closet, I will be sporting a daisy skirt.

Daisy Fabric

Unless, of course, I’m sporting a green pepper skirt.

Green Pepper Fabric ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “Psst! I’m ready for skirt season!”

  1. I just clicked through to look at that Etsy shop, and got a message saying “What-ho? Looks like you’re in the UK” and offering me £ instead of $ prices.

    Who in god’s name says What-ho? Even PG Wodehouse was taking the piss.

    Sorry. Good fabric. As you were.

  2. Dude! I want nothing more IN THE WORLD than to hook up for lunch with you. Sadly, I am a couple of states away. If you’re ever down here, you will let me know and IT WILL BE INTENSE. And I drove to Ohio through your town once! It could happen again!

    Also, OMG, the green pepper skirt. I LOVE. Please make that one. Oh please oh please. (I say this as a non-skirt person, but a DEFINITE green pepper person.)

  3. Ooooh!! So jealous of the daisy skirt! Love them both actually, but I covet the daisies…you’ll be so springy.

  4. Green pepper skirt? Yes, please. I would make myself one if I knew how to sew – oh, the comments I would get if I ever wore it to work (I once wore a shimmery ankle length silver skirt that swished when I walked – I got a few stares in my buttoned down office). Rock on, girl!

  5. PS – I have a package of the pepper lollipops on their way to me as I type – I saw you mention them here and thought of them the other day and ordered some. I cannot wait to try them!

  6. I need to start sewing more for myself. Of course first, I really should organize the second bedroom in my condo or at least dig out a spot where a chair could sit in front of my sewing machine. BTW, love the green pepper skirt.

  7. I love Ms Isabella G.Gorgeous treats sprout from her sewing room and she is indeed delightful : )
    Dont know what happened to The Coffee Ladys click though? It worked for me
    And of course now I need to go find me some daisy fabric.Ahh the perils of addiction……

  8. We too are in the middle of snow/ice world…man do I long for the spring! I love love love the fabric you’ve choosen for the skirts, so happy!

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