Kidneys, Veterans, My Head, and Balls of Cake

The kidney people used to call a few times each month to ask if I would put some sort of donation out on my front porch. Inevitably, I would forget to put the donation out until midnight the night before they were to come by, and then I would get all cranky and run around my house yelling and and throwing things into bags and boxes and cursing about kidneys all the while. More often than not, the kidney people would then NOT come by, and my bags and boxes would sit there until I packed them into the back of my car and drove them to the little yellow house charity thing at my kids’ school. After three instances of no-show kidney people, I asked them to take us off of their call list.

Last week the veterans called. Today I gathered two bags full of clothing and shoes and coats and whatever and will put them on the front porch before eight in the morning. I’m counting on you to be more reliable than the kidney people, Veterans. If this is the beginning of a successful charitable/reliable relationship, I may even donate a KIDNEY to one of you for the sake of irony and goodwill. (You might think I’m joking. I’m not joking.) Let’s make this work.

Thanks to all of you for the fun suggestions on the review site. Like I said, I’m still sort of swimming and throwing balls around at this point, but when it’s time to make a decision (possibly during the week of the 21st?), you’ll be the first to know what I come up with.

Speaking of the review thing, do you remember last month when I was lamenting about the headshot thing? I talked to Julie at Sungazing about setting something up and then I started spinning around and crying about haircuts and eyeliner and feeling uncomfortable with the idea of being within 300 feet of a camera, and suddenly we were scheduled to hook up with a few friends for lunch last Friday, and because my hair was cut (and I was okay with NOT using liquid eyeliner) a headshot appointment seemed like just the thing to do! We met up on Delmar and despite the fact that I’m a big apprehensive baby, Julie Worked Magic. Never before have I actually been happy to see a photo of myself. Julie is so talented and fun and she honestly loves what she does, which made the whole experience breezy.

On Friday night, I went to my second ever trivia night, and I’m convinced that I should go to MORE trivia nights because even though I’m not very good at them, they’re really sort of fun, aren’t they? Our table won the Best Decorated Table award, and that may have been because no other tables were decorated, but it also may have been because someone at our table owns a laminating machine! (It’s becoming really clear to me lately that I’m surrounded by amazing people.)

This week will be spent celebrating Jeff’s (40th) birthday, making more cake balls (have I talked to you about my cake ball thing?), and possibly planning a (very) small getaway. Meanwhile, I’m holding out hope for the Vietnam Veterans of America and their ability to pick up my (gently used) stuff.
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29 thoughts on “Kidneys, Veterans, My Head, and Balls of Cake”

  1. do not run from the camera! you look fantastic and adorable and fun and smart. hooray!

  2. Beautiful photographs. I don’t know how you could be apprehensive. You’re so pretty.

    I’ve never had a Vietnam Vets no-show for donation pickup. Wishing you the same experience.

  3. Your photos are smashing, as is the yellow coat. Please come to My Town and we will go to trivia night together. It’s on Mondays, and the guy who runs it has a positively filthy vocabulary.

    (Happy 40th birthday, Mr. Pudding.)

  4. Okay so (a) those photos are awesome and you look SMASHING, (b) happy day to Jeff! and (c) is it too late to weigh in on the review thingie? Because I would like to propose: The Particular Pudding. Unless someone has already suggested that, in which case I second that emotion.

  5. I agree – the pictures are great and you look awesome in your cute, yellow ModCloth coat.

    I leave stuff on my porch all the time for VVA. I’ve never had a no show and think you’ll be happy with them.

  6. Those pics are all lovely. My favorite is the third one. You look marvelous in all of them, however!

  7. mmm, cakeballs–are they like rounded cupcakes? or like balls scooped out of cake with a melon baller? (can’t see the pics til I get home!)

  8. OMG you look like a freakin model!!! The glasses people should pay you to advertise for them!

  9. Wooooooooooooooooooow! I mean it! Really! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Those pictures are amazing! 1 and 3 are my fave – pictures with great big smiles are wonderful. They made me smile!

    (please tell more about the cake balls, although I can’t promise I won’t keep giggling)

  10. You are stunning, absolutely stunning. Everything looks very pulled together and chic!

    Happy birthday to your very lucky husband!

  11. Your teeth were clearly made for the movies. That’s a ridiculously impressive smile is what I’m saying. Also, the coupling of a red umbrella with a yellow raincoat was equally impressive. Bold! Unapologetic! An assault on midwestern sensibilities!

  12. Ditto Leslie. But they all came out great. I like the first one because of the color the scarf adds and the general look of you. Lovely.

    I think Trivia nights are great, but it’s hard to convince others in my neck of the woods. So sad.

  13. I told the Kidney people to take me off the list for the very same reason!
    lol. Everyone else commented on the photos (which are really nice, btw).

  14. Happy bd to Jeff, the pictures of you are Great, a young Audrey Hepburn. Is it a good idea to take your name off a Kidney List?

  15. I’m a bit remiss in my correspondence, but it’s always a pleasure to check in with you. You have such an exuberance for life – it’s inspiring. Once again, I very much applreciate you. You’re all kinds of awesome!!! Love, Jess

  16. Your pictures are great! They really capture you so well. And that coat? And the red umbrella? So, so perfect.

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