I just don’t want to be Tessie.

In approximately two weeks, I will be attending a knitting camp, where I believe there will be both knitting and camping. Sadly, I’ve done what I always seem to do, which is: Not keep up with the message board discussions where the camp is discussed. SO, in two weeks, my friend (who is flying in from far far away) and I will be driving to the campground, where I will be The Woman Who Has No Idea What’s Happening.

Me: Oh! A sheep shearing?! How wonderful! I had no idea!

Me: Oh! I have latrine duty?! Fiddlesticks! I probably should have read the message boards!

Me: Oh! We’re doing a real life version of The Lottery?! Hrm! I’m not quite sure this is what I signed up for, but really? I don’t know WHAT I signed up for! PleaseGodDon’tMakeMeBeTessie.

I do know that at one point during the registration process I paid $25 extra to NOT have to sleep on a bunk bed (really! I’m that kind of person!), but then the camp location changed to a place that doesn’t have bunk beds (hooray!) and DOES have a microbrewery on site (what?!). In other words, UPGRADE! I’ve also heard rumors that an outdoor movie will be shown, and that the movie may be Mamma Mia! (Please know that the exclamation point used in that last sentence is not intended to indicate my own excitement about Mamma Mia! being shown. Seriously.) Anyway, since Hell for me involves spontaneous singing and dancing and high-five lady hug crazyville, there’s a good chance that if the movie is a mandatory event, more than one hundred knitters are going to witness this before the end of the night.


Perhaps it’s time for me to start a warning thread on those message boards…
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13 thoughts on “I just don’t want to be Tessie.”

  1. Wow, I had almost forgotten about The Lottery. I hope you aren’t Tessie as well. I’m sure you’ll have fun.

  2. Dancing and high-five lady hug crazyville is the perfect description for that movie.
    Maybe they’ll do the Lottery before the movie.

  3. It’s true that I come here for the hard-hitting entertainment and deep philosophical whatnot, but use of language like ‘Fiddlesticks’ is just really hard for me to stomach.

    Also, I’m having fun imagining the debauchery that will no doubt ensue from there being a brewery co-located at the site of a knit camp.

  4. oh my gosh, knitting camp! i had no idea such thing existed!! and i don’t know you, but i might say you are better off not having kept up with the message boards. you might be worrying about things (and crazy ladies) you don’t need to worry about. have a great time!

  5. So–when the location changed, did you get your $25 back for the mini bed upgrade?

    And, the face made towards the movie is because you *hate* Pierce Brosnan’s singing voice as much as I do? Mamma Mia! is my daughters’ favourite movie…I don’t let them watch it as often as they would prefer. Instead I suggest such classics as “Cinderella” or “Snow White” (because I want to watch them)(and because I *try* to instill *some* good morals in them, and Mamma Mia! is not necessarily the best morality-wise)

    On another note, I remember reading “The Lottery” in one of my highschool english classes and being highly disturbed by it. Hopefully your post will not give me the heebie-jeebies for the rest of the day….


    So long as the camp has a micro-brewery and beds rather than sleeping bags, I think it should be a good experience!

  6. Just do as I do. Sit really still along a wall and try to be invisible. It really minimizes the amount of hugging you have to endure. Stake out your place early, other introverts may get all the good spots near doors.

  7. Knitting needles and breweries do not mix. Please be careful…don’t drink and knit! I love you too much and I don’t even know you!

  8. I knew not that knitting camp was such a thing. If you all don’t sing along will there just be the click clack of needles and the whir of yarn exiting balls? Seriously though, it sounds therapeutic. Most any getaway is a super good thing.

  9. desperately thinking what movie I would show at knitting camp.
    Straights are a pretty decent defense against ladyhugs, though dpns are easier to conceal.
    have fun! I am jealous.

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