Average gestation for a llama? 350 days!

If you’ve been with me since March of 2006, you know that I’m a sucker for alpacas.

The photos in that entry have disappeared, but because TimeWaster is my middle name (Thanks, Mom and Dad!), I searched our external hard drive and found them for you!

Here they are, ordered as they appeared in the original post—over five years ago!





By the way, this is what Jeff and the girls looked like over five years ago.

Daddy and The Golyz

(If everything Steve Miller says is true, we will be doing this in about a week.)

Anyway. Over the weekend I discovered that not only do I love alpacas, I also love llamas! (You know what? I’m going to throw caution to the wind over here and just say it. I love ALL camelids!)

Barack O'Llama

Just look at this guy, who may or may not really be a girl! (I’ve been calling him Barack O’Llama, so let’s go with Boy.) He was sheared on Friday morning, and I was able to walk away with a tiny bag of his hair. I’m going to plant that hair in my back yard, and when I wake up with a yard full of adorable baby llamas, you will be the first to know.

(A dream is a wish your heart makes.)
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10 thoughts on “Average gestation for a llama? 350 days!”

  1. I think Barack O’Llama is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously…those are HUMAN eyes on that creature. I feel like he and I could talk for hours pondering the mysteries of the universe.

    Save a baby llama for me!

  2. Dude. Don’t let llamas fool you with their ridiculous eyelashes. They are PURE EVIL. Worse than poodles! Ask me how I know!

  3. I remember that post! And the adorable former masthead! I’ve been with you since before the twins were born, and we have kindergarten roundup for them next week.

    Doesn’t looking at that old photo of Jeff and the girls make you want to have another baby? (Unexpected #3 has made me a little bit crazy – suddenly I think everyone should have another.)

  4. I’m living in China right now, and they’re kind of obsessed with Obama here. I was at an outdoor market and one woman had a table of Barack Obama socks that I named BaSocks Obama.

  5. Aww…when you get the baby llamas to sprout can you split one off for me! I loves their furz. Not the spitz, though….

    I do wonder, tho…whatever will you do with a tiny bag of llama hair? Spin it into a tiny bit of yarn? Then what? Make a tiny llama mouse sweater?

    No, seriously…I do wonder… please share…

  6. He was a she and her name was Mona… we got up close and personal! She was quite soft and lovely, though.

  7. Ha ha – very subtle, that obscure journalism reference in the title. Nice. I have a friend who visited a alpaca ranch for fun one day and ended up, a few years later, with a flock of 16 and a shearing business. Watch out for those eyelashes indeed.

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