The Week Ahead

Do you remember when I was trying to finish up the shawl for my migraine doctor?

Finish it, I did.


My appointment was last Tuesday, and my doctor (who always asks what I’ve been knitting) was pleasantly surprised and loved the shawl and wants me to give Maxalt another shot as this week’s triptan! (Yes! It’s Migraine Week at Fluid Pudding! Roll out the Dairy Queen Blizzards and the unpredictable moods! I’m laughing! No, I’m not!!! I’m crying! Ice on my head and heat on my neck!!!)

This week is also the beginning of our school’s summer enrichment program, where Meredith will be learning Spanish and participating in American Girl activities. (This has nothing to do with the Tom Petty tune and everything to do with age-appropriate historical fiction. In other words, when the class ends in three weeks, Meredith won’t be standing on a balcony out on 441. Instead, she’ll probably be begging us to take a trip to Chicago for a doll with whom she’ll never play.)

Meanwhile, Harper will be learning percussion in her morning class, and in the afternoon she’ll be part of Book Cooks—where she’ll read stories and follow recipes and make snacks. (Have I mentioned that summer enrichment is pretty awesome?)

While the girls are being enriched, I’ll be jumping into the last of my freelance for the summer and following up with my hip surgeon. (Thank God for Photoshop. Without it, the scar on my hip would surely stomp out any Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue possibilities!) Also, Scout will be participating in her second obedience class on Wednesday before her ovariohysterectomy on Friday. (They grow up so quickly!) On Saturday, we’ll end our fostership and become her official adoptive parents just in time for Harper to attend a mani/pedi party.

One last thing: I made a batch of curried green onion hummus using the recipe from Appetite for Reduction, and it’s the very best hummus I’ve ever had. Next week will probably find me following the recipe for horseradish dill hummus or pizza hummus. This vegan thing is not as tricky as I thought it would be.
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10 thoughts on “The Week Ahead”

  1. Beautiful work! I thought it was pretty, my daughter thought the flower in the picture was pretty. You could always come visit us. We have an American Girl store down here in Dallas. We would love to have you! We have been, but haven’t bought anything. Yes, I am the mean mom! lol

  2. wow. that shawl is awesome. and beautiful. makes me think i should have studied medicine and become a migraine doctor.

  3. When I was a kid I just ended up at 4-H camp. Kids today learn Spanish and snack making ?!? Also, I may need that cookbook.

  4. the hummus thing sounds nice.. (how’s the breath thought? last time I attempted hummus I was a weapon of mass destruction!)

  5. I read, in the newspaper so it must be true, (yes, I am a dinosaur and you can have my newspaper when you rip it out of my cold, dead hand.) that someone, in the grip of a horrendous migraine, ate ice cream too fast and got brain freeze. And it got rid of the migraine! So pound down those blizzards.

    L. E.

  6. You’re not the only veggie that I “know” but for some reason I keep wondering if you read vegetarian times? I’ve been checking every available issue out of the library and now relented and subscribed (for TWO years!) because I want to make just about everything I see in there.

  7. It appears that you’re setting Meredith up for a future as an international spy, what with all the languages. I think this is a good move, as it will lead to a very interesting life and will no doubt supply you with interesting stories for the holidays.

    If you might possibly accidentally provide the recipe for the horseradish dill hummus, I would probably be in your debt for a really, really long time.

  8. Oooh.. I feel your pain! 2 weeks ago I made my oldest grab a bucket for her car ride to school and I actually had to pull over and vomit – my head hurt that badly. Hope the med. works this time! The shawl is beautiful.

  9. Horsradish, yum! Kalamata olives are really good in hummus too…Also, I love Isa’s books. Another great source for vegetarian/vegan recipes is Which, you probably already know about…

    Book cooks? That has to be the coolest idea for a summer camp class I’ve every heard…

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