Just in case you’ve been looking…

I don’t like to ask for money. When I sold socks to fund my trip to BlogHer in 2008, I sort of promised myself that I would never again be that bold. AND, other than a few charity mentions here and there, I’ve stuck to my promise.

It was brought to my attention this past weekend that a girl from my high school has a son named Aaron. Aaron has Beal’s Syndrome, which is a rare disorder that affects the connective tissue. It’s characterized by permanent fixation of certain joints in a flexed position, and those who suffer from it have a hard time moving. Aaron has had five surgeries in the past ten years (including a spinal fusion), and is expected to undergo hip surgery in the future.

Aaron will be eleven years old on Friday, and he wants a bike for his birthday.

Because of his special circumstances, his family can’t simply drive to a store and grab a bike. Aaron needs a special bike. It’s a bike that his family has researched, it can be customized to fit him, and it costs $3,800. That’s a lot of money.

A Facebook page has been created to raise money for Aaron’s bike, and the goal has been set for 380 people to donate $10. So far, $390 has been collected. In other words, we’re a little over a tenth of the way there.

If you’ve been thinking about budgets and yearly donations and you would consider donating to a cause that would make a very special boy VERY happy on his birthday, please consider Aaron and his bike. If you have PayPal, the address for donations is mousejunkie@att.net

In my world, every kid should have a bike, and I was more than happy to help Aaron out.

Please feel free to join me.

(I’m turning comments off for this post, but if you have any questions, please shoot an e-mail my way: angela at fluid pudding dot com.)

ETA: In PayPal, if you hit the Personal box and choose Gift, no credit card/bank fees will be deducted from your donation. It’s not a HUGE deal, but every twenty cents (or so) in fees start adding up eventually, and Aaron will get his bike much faster without the deductions! Thank you so much! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>