In case you’re wondering, those are bullet holes. And that makes it even more perfect.

Children in the Family

During our Thanksgiving celebration, I wandered downstairs into my aunt’s basement and found the most amazing parenting guide. Children in the Family—A Psychological Guide for Parents was written by Florence Powdermaker and Louise Ireland Grimes. It was published in 1940 by Farrar & Rinehart, Inc.

Loose, loose, loose...

How many times have I walked around the room once or twice saying, “Loose, loose, loose” to all my muscles? Zero times! BUT, it’s not too late to start. Because if I shake or slap my kids, then we have a real fuss.

The  Origin of Sissy Boys

I’ve always wondered about sissy boys and masculine girls and what happened to make them that way.

Withold fairy tales.

I *still* don’t feel secure in my knowledge of how things really are and function. I wonder if I will EVER be ready for fairy tales (especially the classics)?!

Just give them a rope and some shovels.

Just this morning I sent the girls outside with some rope, a shovel, and rocks. Thank God for Urgent Care.

The confusion of too many experiences...

Suddenly, I know why I’m so screwed up. I went on entirely too many excursions when I was a child. What a preposterous stunt world I have seen! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering, those are bullet holes. And that makes it even more perfect.”

  1. I didn’t read any of this. All I saw in each photo were the bullet holes (the BULLET HOLES!). Like, from a gun. Through a book, with the word “children” on the cover!

    One day I’ll read this post.


  2. These delightful gems of parenting wisdom have changed my outlook on raising small humans! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

  3. The book is FANTASTIC. My children can now be considered LOST to the world. :):

    But WHY are there bullet holes in the book? Do you k now that?

  4. I have to agree, the bullet holes can’t be gotten past. I do so hope they really are bullet holes.

    If they are, you have yourself a bona fide piece of modern art, girl! Sell it for millions! It’s even got provenance.

  5. At least I’m doing something right. My 7 yr old boys frequently spend a good part of their free time in the backyard “digging for gold” with large shovels. No Urgent Care needed (yet).

  6. I’ve totally screwed my kid up by taking him to museums and looking at more than a few things. He’s ruined, I just know it.

  7. I still can’t get past the bullet holes – come on… what is with the bullet holes!!!!! oh yeah – and the aunt – did she have the schizophrenia, or does that have something to do with the bullet holes…. this is worse than the slap cliffhanger on GLEE!!!!

  8. I, too, need to know the story of the bullet holes. Did your aunt fire the gun, or did one of her children? Perhaps there was anger and angst over being denied trips to the circus?

  9. I’m an awful mother then. I have taken my children to a carnival, and to a zoo and an amusement park. They have seen MANY movies and, my goodness, I read them FAIRY tales on a daily basis. My son plays with his sisters’ toys too–maybe he’ll become too effeminate…oh dear. Whatever shall I do?!

    Thanks for sharing that book–teehee–I’m guessing the kids AND the aunt put the bullet holes through it!

    I needed a smile this morning. This did it! :)

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