Going to the Mattresses

This morning The Pudding Family met up with Doug from Laid-Off Dad and The W Family for brunch at Duff’s.


It was delightful and time moved entirely too quickly while we were there and when we left, I was filled with the urge to put more life into what I do. Revivification! (I really love that photo of us, but if you’re in need of something that involves more eye contact, then here you go.)

Gangster Quilts at Duff's

I also left thinking that I need to learn how to quilt. (The walls at Duff’s are currently bedecked with gangster movie themed quilts made by a local artist.) Can you imagine an entire series of quilts based on quiltworthy Ben Folds songs? There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You Quilt! Stumblin’ Home Winter Blues Quilt! Best of all? Sleazy Quilt! (Fun Fact: Sleazy has been in my head for over 48 hours now. Do me a favor and ask Jeff how awesome it is when I cover Ben Folds covering Ke$ha. He loves it. But not really. Not really at all.)

After returning home and studying my little notebook where I had jotted down “Scarf Ace” and “Plants vs. Zombies” during our encounter at Duff’s, I worked on some freelance and then headed out to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Craft Show with my mom and sister. I went with one goal in mind: To Purchase a Pillow that Looks Like a Log. Sadly, I believe all log pillows had sold out. (Luckily, the Squaresville pot holders were still available.)

After leaving the craft show, we headed straight to Jilly’s, where I ate the cupcake that won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Banana toffee cake stuffed with toffee dulce de leche and topped with caramel cream cheese swirl and chocolate astronaut ice cream. That’s right. Chocolate astronaut ice cream.

Space Monkey!

My mom, who I shall now refer to as Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater, packed this in:

Jilly's Slice of Gratitude Cupcake

First you make a cupcake. Then you stuff it with a piece of pumpkin pie. Then you top it with cinnamon nutmeg buttercream and ANOTHER piece of pumpkin pie. It’s sort of like the cupcake form of turducken, minus the flesh and the slaughter, plus some cinnamon and deliciousness.

As I sit and type this out for you (only four more days of NaBloPoMo, you know), the girls are finishing up their one week anniversary lice treatment. We have now been completely bug free for over a week, but I will NOT accept victory without one final Phthirapterian sucker punch. It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Going to the Mattresses”

  1. I bought two of those log pillows at the Strange Folk Fest and I love them!

    Also, that Space Monkey cupcake is tremendous!

  2. Your jeans are way too baggy for those awesome boots and pretty shirt. Get some skinnys! You would look great in them. I love your hair and glasses, BTW.

  3. I totally kissed the guy who made your cupcakes. Seriously. He was wearing a fake beard at the time. Yes, there is more to that story.

  4. We just drove back and forth from KC to Central IL for the holiday’s and there is one spot on that journey that I always think of the Ben Folds Five song, “Brick”. Always. My heart always clenches right at that curve in the road.

  5. Has it by chance escaped notice that both Meredith and Harper can totally replicate your smile? Any sign at all of Jeff in those genes??

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