The Things for Which I Hanker

Today I purchased a pair of these in tortoise. I drove to four (FOUR!) large chain eyeglass shops and wrote down exactly what I liked, and was then able to doink around online and find the frames for about three gajillion dollars less than what I would have paid in the store. I win.

Check out these button rings. They’re made by my dear friend’s niece, and I love them.

Speaking of love, I love everything in Isabella’s store. (As you know, I’m especially fond of the flatpacks. I ordered two of them as teacher gifts, and I’m REALLY itching to keep them for myself.)

Beautiful roving. Oh, how I need to devote more time to spinning.

I know I don’t need one of these, but I need one of these.

Speaking of which, this seems like a good idea, too.

Vic Firth salt and pepper grinder. Who knew?

I think my kids need a moon in their room.

I’ve tried several, and I loved them all. Especially these.

This is one of my very favorite movies.

I can see myself in this. With leggings.

I’m just so happy that this exists.

Are there things for which you hanker? Share them with me! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

15 thoughts on “The Things for Which I Hanker”

  1. I just want an iPad. I’m kind of obsessed now. It’s a little absurd. I don’t live the kind of life where we get things like iPads. I don’t live a Cheerios life. I live an Oaty-O’s Generic Brand life.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this today! I LOVE the button rings and just ordered 5 – perfect little Christmas gifts for a few lucky friends.

  3. LOL! I had to click on every link. The rings are cute and I love the dress. It is perfect for you. I just want a rolling case for my sewing machine and an immersion/stick blender.

  4. those button rings are great! And what a clever idea…I may sit down with my girls and start making rings…
    …I just ordered something from Isabella… :)

    …I found some adorable scarves for Christmas gifts this year–hand knit in a loopy-ish fashion and lovely colours for $3 each! Score! I love craft shows!

    I want pants that fit for Christmas and a cute outfit. I think that a tunic dress and leggings would work….and some new shoes….instead, my hubby got tickets to a Bills game this Sunday and he bought me a personalized Packers mug. (He told me to expect it so I could wrap it for myself and be “surprised” on Christmas morning. He got a Vikings one for himself and one for each of the kids too–he likes his football!)

  5. What I really want is health for my dad……but yeah – I get that’s not really what you were asking.
    Cardigans. I have decreed this will be the year of the Cardigan, and have informed my hubby to shop accordingly.
    Kindle books.
    Cute earrings
    Wool socks

    Just Dance Wii game (for me – not my kids – maybe the ABBA one?)

  6. Those are fantastic glasses. I have some $$ in my health savings account that I have to use or lose in the next month and I seriously need to go glasses shopping. Exactly what I was looking for.

  7. I want to make out with my Kuerig on a daily basis. Usually about the time my beautiful, wonderful, perfect cup of coffee is done. I love that stupid thing.

  8. Oh!!!! I JUST NOW get the button ring thing. They’re rings for your finger. Durrrrr! I was picturing rings you put around buttons on your shirt to decorate them – which I did not “get” at all! (But I think they actually do make decorative button covers, don’t they?)

  9. Well now, I’m blushing. *Blushes*. Such a relief that they turned up, you like them, you don’t want to give them away. *Grins*. I wish for you everything you would want for yourself. *Hugs*.

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