Ripened Fruit that Falls Tomorrow

You guys, I planned on doing something HUGE for the end of NaBloPoMo. BUT, here I sit at 5:24, and I just took what I tend to call my Monster Migraine Pill, and I have a meeting to go to in a little over an hour, and although the roast in the crock pot will feed my family, it’s not going to feed me, so I need to find a can of soup or something because I’m fancy like that. (I just talked to Jeff on the phone, and I think I’m slurring my words. BUT, I haven’t had a headache like this in MONTHS, so I’m not going to get too bummed out about it. Bedtime is in less than five hours!)

Have I thanked you lately for sticking with me? I remember the first time I opened comments on my website. It was something like two years in, and I thought, “Eh, let’s see if anyone’s out there.” (It was terrifying.) BUT, two people were out there! And now there’s more than two, and I actually e-mail back and forth with several of you, and holy smokes: Carroll, you commented nearly every single day this month!

I love all but one of my Fluid Pudding readers. And there’s a really good chance you’re not that one.

Thank you for hanging out with me this month. I’m going to try to extend the daily posting thing for awhile, but now that I’ve typed that out loud, we all know I’ll probably lay an egg. (Thank God I’m free range.)

This song shuffled as I drove home this morning, and it made me very happy.

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  1. Right before I stopped by here, I had a surge of sadness (that might be heavy handed) that today would be the last day of daily posts. Oh November. Why must you come to an end?!

  2. Nooooo, you’re not supposed to still be getting those headaches, Angie! I mean, not for a long time is good of course, but geez. In this era of modern medical miracles, you’d think they could come up with a solution to this for you. How you will function at a meeting with that going on in your head, is a mystery.

    You did a great job this month, Kiddo. I know I missed a few, but I’ll try to catch ’em all next time around.

    Good riddance to the pressure, NoMoBlahPo! But yes, I’m with Alli and Lori — the more FPPo, the better :-)

  3. Thanks for the postings, I read every single one of them.

    Hope your migraine goes away quickly and all your holiday plans fall into place.

  4. I’m generally way to lazy to comment, but I’m glad you’re out there on the interwebs, and good luck killing that migraine. They are the devil.

  5. Ditto on the above. So impressed that you did it daily! Wishing you pain-free days ahead. Also, eagerly awaiting a tree update …

  6. Migraines are 85% fewer now because I no longer eat:

    oranges or orange juice
    red food dye of any kind
    anchovies are killer bad
    soy sauce
    bbq sauce
    sauer kraut
    strong cheeses
    non organic meats
    spicy tortilla/potato chips
    anything w/ tyramine

    loud noise, bright lights, general chaos-2 motrin can help alot too (but use sparingly)
    This is so worth it and I am not especially disciplined when it comes to food– good luck Angela, you are a great blogger!


  8. I am sorry November is over – I enjoyed everyone Mrs. P. Have a great holiday season in case I do not comment again!


  9. So sorry about the migraine…was a wonderful month of reading!
    p.s. hope it’s not me you don’t like…because i love a very non-threatening non-invasive also i live very far away so no need to worry kind of way!

  10. not happy about the migraine but I am glad that this is the first in months….hopefully you don’t get another for a VERY long time.

    Thanks for a great November–I enjoyed “visiting” with you every day!

  11. I hope you feel better soon. Have you tried an elimination diet to see what triggers you may be having for the migraines? There are many foods that are both common and potent triggers for many. I had daily migraines for years, I need not tell you how miserable that was, and I found that removing the triggers was a help. The medications did not really help so really I tried everything you can imagine. Ultimately acupuncture “cured” me and I have had only a couple of mild, short migraines in the last 20 years.

  12. I’m so glad you did the NaBoPloMo. You and Fussy gave me something every day with which to procrastinate, and I appreciate it. I know how hard it must be to post every day. Several years ago, my husband I tried to start a blog about being a person of (Catholic) faith and also a democrat, and even with two of us we couldn’t manage more than a monthly attempt. So I have a lot of respect for the effort it takes to put behind it. Thanks.
    PS: I have a migraine today too but am on deadline at work and have to be here anyway with only Excedrin to hold it to a dull roar. Blah. Feel better.
    PPS: Also, I discovered the Weepies via Andrea Scher a few months ago and LOVE their be my thrill album. I “gave” my husband of 12 years their song “Made for Sunny Days” the song for our anniversary this year. So once again, I find you, a virtual stranger, and I have something in common. And that’s what I love about all you bloggers…you remind me how almost everyone I don’t know has something in common with someone else and we are all connected. (Time to start singing kum-bay-yah and all that crap.)

  13. I loved NaBloPoMo because it meant a daily laugh… I am so glad that you are going to continue updating daily (or, atleast trying to!!!)

    Hope the migraine has gone away!

  14. I loved hearing from you for the whole month! You mentioned sloppy joes a couple posts back and I meant to tell you that we regularly eat sloppy joes and tacos made with the usual ingredients plus a Boca or Morningstar crumbles product in lieu of beef and they are great. My carnivore friends have said they can’t really tell the difference. If you’re not too into fake meat, we have also made this recipe for “snobby joes” and also found it delicious:

  15. Hope you are feeling better. I get migraines too. Uch. And hope it’s not me. Yes am paranoid. Right it’s not me? Is it? LOL.

  16. I love this song so much! And I first heard it RIGHT HERE ON FLUID PUDDING! I hope your migraine abated a bit! Exclamation points for EVERYONE!

  17. I always find it interesting when someone else has a monster migraine the same day I do.

    I popped a Maxalt this morning.

    Feel better hon.

  18. Hopefully it wasn’t posting everyday that brought on the migraine! Let’s blame the nits… skin’s been crawling in sympathy all month! And now we are all burning to know more of this delinquent commenter….

  19. I looked forward to reading your posts each day or sometimes a couple at a time depending on my crazy life. I am so sorry that you had such a bad migraine. I hope it went away fairly quickly and you didn’t have to bad of a migraine hangover.

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